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Exciting Facility Updates at Test Devices

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As the rate of jet engine part production has rapidly increased and our clients continue to forecast further growth, we’ve become a trusted spin testing & spin process provider. To keep up with rising demand and continue to offer the most cutting-edge services available, Test Devices, Inc. has completed multiple facility expansions in recent years. […]

spin rig comparison

Low Cycle Fatigue Rigs vs. Dynamic Spin Rigs

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To validate the integrity of rotating parts against centrifugally loaded conditions, spin testing is a critical step to ensure rotor product quality. While the principle of the spin testing appears straightforward, it’s very easy to miss the important subtleties of the testing mechanics. In fact, since the early days of the spin testing, millions of […]

Small Jet Engine Testing Rig

The Testing Capabilities of Subscale Jet Engine Rigs – Part 1

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A full-scale jet engine test provides both engineers and designers valuable and realistic data for developing and improving the design and the performances of critical rotating parts and the jet engines. However, performing a full-scale engine test is typically is an expensive and technically complicated affair. Many engineers are still unaware of the various affordable […]

Static and Dynamic Balancing

Keep Your Machinery Performing Optimally: Static and Dynamic Balancing

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Rotating machinery is omnipresent in industrial use and seen in different fields all across the spectrum. Rotational systems and components are critical to the overall efficiency of businesses in industries such as aerospace, energy storage, automotive, electronics, and medical devices to name a few. Not sure what to look for in a balancing provider? Read […]

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Test Devices, Inc. Acquired by Schenck

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To Deliver Increased Value and Testing Capabilities to Customers [Deer Park, New York. and Hudson, Mass.]  Sept. 28, 2017 –  Schenck Corporation (Schenck) and Test Devices, Inc. (TDI) announced today that they have reached a definitive agreement under which Schenck will acquire TDI in the form of a share deal from its current owner, Mr. H. […]

Two Ways Improper Balancing Can Affect Your Profits

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Unbalance is a naturally occurring, and expected phenomenon with all rotating components. It can occur suddenly, or build up over time, and is caused by any number of factors.  Distortions due to stress, uneven thermal distribution, or deposit build-up on the part are a few of the most common causes for unbalance in rotating machinery. […]

Three Major Ways Your Manufactured Rotating Component Can Become Unbalanced

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Unbalance in your rotating component is simply defined as the unequal distribution of weight along your rotor. It is a tricky problem that can sneak up on you unexpectedly. But with the proper knowledge, you can keep an eye out for the major causes of unbalance, and be prepared to address them quickly. Distortion from Stress […]

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Test Devices Inc.’s Improved Capacity

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Over the last year, Test Devices has seen a significant influx in the volume of parts that our facility processes on a weekly basis. This increased demand pushed us to re-evaluate whether our methods were providing the best possible experience for our clients. We’ve made several adjustments to our processes in order to improve turnaround time, capacity, […]

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