Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry researches, develops, and manufactures new technology related to flying vehicles, including gliders, missiles, lighter-than-air and heavier-than-air craft, and spacecraft. In addition to the vehicles themselves, aerospace engineers are also in charge of testing and refining the systems that power and control the crafts, such as propulsion and avionics, as well as performing maintenance.


High-speed rotating parts are crucial aspects of modern livelihood and are used in various aerospace applications, including transportation, electricity generation, manufacturing, and national defense. Improving the design of these parts has been an ongoing engineering interest and topic of research for decades. Leading OEMs within the aerospace industry compete and pave the way for more efficient and high-performance parts with top-of-the-line materials, especially for aero-propulsion rotors.

What We Do

For nearly five decades, Test Devices by SCHENCK has been a leader within the aerospace industry. We focus primarily on the testing and manufacturing of rotating parts, and the parts we test are often used in jet engines, electric motors, and many other crucial pieces of technology. We originally earned our reputation by devising some of the most comprehensive and advanced spin testing techniques within the industry, particularly as they relate to fatigue testing, rotor integrity testing, and burst testing. Some examples of our work include the development of both the High Cycle Test (HCF) and thermal gradient spin test.

Beyond testing, we also have the capability to support the manufacturing of the turbine and compressor disks for other OEMs. Currently, our AS9100 compliant operation pre-spins, overspeed tests, performs machining (rough and semi-finish), and rotor balancing over 6,000 parts annually for various advanced aerospace companies, with that number set to grow in the years to come.

Why We’re Important

rotating componentsEnsuring that parts work as intended is especially crucial within the aerospace industry. The spinning parts used in various pieces of aerospace technology build up incredible amounts of energy during normal operations. If these parts fail while in use, they could endanger hundreds if not thousands of lives and destroy the vehicles associated with them beyond repair.

Test Devices works to ensure that disasters like this do not happen. Our spin testing methods are designed to stress test different pieces of equipment to ensure they meet or exceed FAA guidelines while identifying any defects or weaknesses so that they can be fixed during the planning stages. While failures during testing can still be costly, they are much less costly than failures during flight, highlighting the need for safe, quality testing standards across the board.

Both safety and quality are a focus in testing, both to create the best products possible for clients and to protect the people doing the testing. Locating failures in disks, rotors, and other equipment that spins at high speeds can be a dangerous endeavor without the proper testing equipment. At Test Devices, we take this concern very seriously, and our commitment to quality in both testing and manufacturing creates one of the most effective operations for the aerospace industry.

Why Choose Test Devices

Test Devices has been at the forefront of innovation within the aerospace industry for nearly five decades. Both in testing and manufacturing, we consistently exceed expectations by collaborating with our clients to identify exactly what they need and how best to meet those needs. Based out of our 50,000 square-foot building in Hudson, Massachusetts, we have the space and equipment necessary to ensure great results every time.

Test Devices is compliant with all ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards, continually striving to improve even further to stay at the cutting edge of the industry and ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on developing the most realistic testing scenarios possible for each client.

Additionally, Test Devices as a  part of SCHENCK USA Corp with support from The Dürr Group, allows us to back up our excellent results with financial security, making Test Devices a secure and a dependable partner now and in the future.

Partner with Test Devices

Testing is crucial for high-speed rotating parts used for various equipment within the aerospace industry. At Test Devices, we stand out for our exceptional results, reliable service, and commitment to higher standards for safety in testing and quality manufacturing. To learn more about the role Test Devices plays in the aerospace industry, contact us today.