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Protect Your Turbines and Engines with Subscale Turbine Particle Test Rigs

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Solid particulates—such as sand, volcanic ash or airborne pollutants produced through the burning of fossil fuels—pose a significant risk to power turbines and jet engines employed in the industrial, commercial, and military sectors. Whether natural or manmade, these contaminants can severely impact the performance and durability of these systems and, in some cases, cause damage […]

Optical Strain Measurement: What You Need to Know

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Optical strain measurement is a non-contact measurement technique that employs digital image processing principles. Compared to traditional strain measurement methods, this technique provides a more streamlined solution for testing operations. The increase in testing efficiency is due largely to the elimination of the need for the modification of parts for lead-wire routing and sensor attachment.  […]


Industrial Applications of Spin-Testing and Balancing

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Precision testing of high-speed, high-performance motors and rotors is of paramount importance in today’s aerospace, automotive, and defense industries.  Spin testing is performed to validate the design, durability, balance, and structural integrity of the motor. The material and structural behavior of the rotor, which ties to the efficiency of a machine, is of major import across the many varied applications […]

Test Devices Afterburner Small Jet Engine Test

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The advancement of jet engine technology is directly tied to the pursuit of a hotter core, which continuously pushes the need for superior high-temperature materials, coatings and sensors. Testing nascent material and components in highly relevant conditions, and generating data, especially in the earliest phase of development work helps engineers and scientists to bridge the […]

Test Devices Inc. Improves Overall Production Capacity With In-House Machining Capabilities

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At Test Devices, Inc. we’ve made dramatic improvements in production capacity. We are not only producing more, but we’re also doing it faster than ever before. Along with dramatically shorter lead times, record production, and a plan for continued growth and improvement, here’s an outline of exciting developments at TDI. Test Devices Inc.’s Improved Production […]

Spin Testing Additively Manufactured or 3D-Printed Parts

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Additive manufacturing (AM) is the process of building 3D workpieces layer by layer. Rather than traditional processes such as machining, which create forms by removing the material from stock material, additive manufacturing “prints” layers into a part from a computer model created with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The AM technique has been around for […]


Spin Testing for Manufacturing 101

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In the quest to produce stronger, more durable, and cost effective rotating parts, manufacturers are turning to spin tests to help achieve these goals. Spin tests for manufacturers can be used to validate the stability and integrity of a part, or to enhance the desirable properties of the material. We will explore the differences between […]

Expanding Capacity – Balancing Services

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Rotating components such as jet engine disks and high-speed motor armatures must be balanced well to warrant a good performance and overall longevity of machines. Balancing machines pinpoint the exact amount and the location of unbalance in rotating components. Once these areas are identified, skilled technicians correct the unbalance level by either removing material in […]


The Competitive Advantages of Working with Test Devices

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Test Devices Inc. (TDI) provides our clients with leading spin and subscale jet engine testing, balancing services, and test equipment. If your application involves high-speed, rotating components, TDI is your one-stop shop for testing and servicing needs. We provide spin tests for manufactured parts and design validation and offer a variety of add-on services such […]


eDrive Trends and Growth Potential for 2019

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In recent years, electric vehicles have made a big impact on the mainstream automotive market. Consumers in more and more parts of the country are switching to zero-emissions vehicles as the risks and results of unmitigated climate change become more pronounced. Therefore, many automotive manufacturers are beginning to design, build, and sell electric vehicles, contributing […]