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Spin testing plays a critical role in the development of strong, lightweight, and cost-effective rotating parts for aircraft, vehicles, and other high-performance technologies. From validating the functionality of new designs to optimizing key material properties, these tests allow manufacturers to create higher-quality products that can withstand tough operating conditions. Here, we provide an overview of spin testing and its importance in the research and development of rotating components used in high-performance machines.

Spin Testing for R&D and Product Development

Spin testing machineThe rotating components in jet engines, electric car motors, and other modern technologies are common and important features of high-performance machines. Operationally critical components and safety measures are a few others.

To ensure performance and minimize the risk of unexpected failure, part manufacturers rely on various forms of spin tests that can efficiently assess the structural integrity, durability, and failure behavior of their components.

It is worthwhile noting that some of these rotating parts could store large amounts of kinetic energy as they operate. Some failure modes of these parts, such as a disk burst, pose a significant safety hazard since the sudden release of kinetic energy could have catastrophic consequences for surrounding equipment and personnel.

Employing a simplified form of spin tests, for example by using a subscale specimen earlier in the R&D phase, could amplify the benefit of testing. The test data can be used to fill the information gap in material data and numerical models.

Examples of design validation spin tests include:

  • Overspeed tests – either as a step in a production process or for a certification
  • Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) tests
  • Dynamic Spin Test – including High Cycle Fatigue (HCF)
  • Cryogenic, high-temperature, and thermal gradient conditions

For optimal results, these tests must be performed under tight supervision by experienced personnel who can accurately replicate the conditions of the part’s application.

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At Test Devices, we understand the vital nature of engineering testing for ensuring the performance and safety of your rotating components. We strive to be a trusted partner in your testing needs and believe the following facets of our capabilities differentiates us from others:

  • Technical Excellence: Our experience in supporting various Research and Development and Product Development work with customers in different industries, combined with nearly 50 years of spin testing expertise, has allowed us to develop a world-class R&D spin test facility and expertise.
  • Innovation: We continue to innovate for better test methods and data measurement techniques to attain the most relevant test data and insights for your needs. We are the pioneer of the real-time crack detection system (RT-CDS), dynamic spin testing (DSR), thermal gradient spin tests, and many more. Ask us about the latest test methods, and let’s talk about how they may help address your testing needs.
  • Convenience: Spin testing can be a complicated project – our goal is to make this look easy. Our test engineers will expertly guide you through the processes of designing, planning, and executing your test and offer support in analyzing the test data. Our facility is equipped with various internal support capabilities, including an in-house machine shop, CMM inspection machines, and more. We strive to offer you the true one-stop-shop experience.
  • Quality: Our engineering process conforms to the AS9100 Aerospace standard, which means we follow defined and stringent due diligence processes to ensure consistency in our work, and the success of your testing work.
  • World-Class Company: Test Devices by Schenck USA Corp. is one of the global Centers of Excellence (CoE) in the Schenck organization. While we are a full U.S. entity, we also enjoy the backing of a large, multi-national parent company. As a member of the Dürr Corporation, a leading global firm in engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, Test Devices can call on its talent pools and financial backing when necessary.


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