A combination of economic, technological, and political factors have fueled the popularity of electric vehicles (EV) and the subsequent development of eDrive systems. Suppliers of automotive parts continue to develop various types of eDrive system designs to differentiate themselves from competitors through increased efficiency and improved performance. As a result, all major international automotive manufacturers are offering a growing number of EV vehicle models.

EVIn developing eDrive systems, one crucial step entails validating and verifying new electric motor designs. To facilitate this, Test Devices offers a wide variety of spin testing and balancing services, serving as a trusted partner to all our eDrive spin testing customers.

What We Do

All objects that spin at high speeds are subject to something called centrifugal (CF) loading, which creates  stress on the rotor and causes it to deform while spinning. CF loading can eventually develop into a serious and complex problem as it impacts different elements of the rotor’s structure. To mitigate the risk of CF loading, rotors and motors undergo precision testing. This is invaluable to the automotive industry, as engineers need to ensure the effects of  CF loading in lightweight and high-speed motors does not create issues.

Spin testing helps validate the motor’s overall design, structural integrity, durability, and dynamic stability. Applications that often rely on spin testing include UAVs, EVs, and UAMs, along with hybrid systems using power generators. At Test Devices, we can help perform advanced spin testing for components from the design process to implementation. Additionally, we can provide the necessary data to effectively evaluate part performance.

Why Our Services Are Important

EVBoth the jet engine industry and the high-speed electric motor industry share many of the same engineering challenges. To allow for ideal performance while reducing weight, both industries need to gain a deep understanding of in-operational deformation shapes, rotor stresses, and pertinent material behavior to successfully engineer top-quality machinery.

Spin testing and rotor balancing are integral in enabling reliable and safe operation of the end product and maintaining its dependability and integrity. Using these testing methods, engineers can more easily validate the structural integrity of the rotor, optimize its performance, and maximize the machine’s longevity.

Precision balancing is also vital to the development of functional rotating parts. Unbalanced components can cause severe damage that culminates in premature failure of equipment. Improper balancing can also create operational hazards that put workers at risk of serious injury or even death.

Why You Should Choose Test Devices

For more than 40 years, Test Devices by SCHENCK has served as the world’s leading source of realistic rotational testing services and solutions. At Test Devices, we work to develop a complete understanding of our customers’ individual needs, working with them to design and implement the most realistic spin testing scenarios achievable. In the process, we precisely simulate the potential arduous conditions that rotating parts may face in a real-world environment.

To help our customers get the best results with each test performed, we operate out of a state-of-the-art 50,000 square-foot facility located in Hudson, Massachusetts. We are premier providers of testing systems and services, offering custom solutions to customers located all over the world. Our global team consists of more than 900 knowledgeable experts, which gives us the ability to work tirelessly to research, design, develop, and fabricate actionable rotor balancing solutions across a wide range of industries. We can serve customers in the automotive, electrical, mechanical engineering, and aerospace industries based on their specific project requirements.

We are devoted to providing top-quality products and reliable services that can meet or even exceed each customer’s needs. We can achieve this through uniquely innovative solutions, ISO 9001 and AS9100 compliance, and the ongoing effort to improve our quality management system.

Get the Spin Testing and Balancing Solutions You Need at Test Devices

Many applications in the automotive industry require proper spin testing and balancing services to ensure the reliability of rotating parts. To help optimize part performance and maximize efficiency, we offer some of the most dependable solutions available. Depending on your needs, we’ll give you access to our facility, staff, and equipment to help design and develop top-performing components.

To learn more about our solutions and get started on your next project, contact Test Devices today.