Energy demand is rising globally and is projected to increase  20%  by 2040. Many factors contribute to this increased demand, such as growing populations and greater access to higher living standards and energy sources in developing countries. Adopting renewable energy technologies from environmentally friendly sources is a key factor in meeting these demands.

Different energy storage systems, including flywheel energy storage and backup power turbines, are important components of energy infrastructure that boost renewable energy production. The ability to efficiently manage supply and demand for energy is crucial for companies. In the future, energy companies will need to grow their capacity capabilities to meet peak-hour demands. Managing the supply and demand unbalance by seeking out highly efficient green energy sources is an excellent way to avoid this costly issue.

To remain competitive and relevant, energy companies need to focus on renewable energy technologies and increase their investments in this field. SCHENCK has served the power generation industry for over 40 years. Our spin test equipment provides our customers with the world’s most advanced evaluation technology. Test Devices by SCHENCK shortens the length of testing programs and lowers their cost.

What We Do

Spin testing is a critical step in the manufacturing process for all rotating components. Whether it’s power turbine wheels or energy storage flywheels, the energy industry relies on many rotating components that must be thoroughly tested for optimal performance before they can be used. Some original equipment manufacturers perform these tests in-house, but many do not have the resources or capabilities to perform them themselves.

Turbomachinery and other high-speed rotating equipment rely heavily on proof and overspeed testing as a critical aspect of their development process. During these tests, the rotating component is accelerated to a speed that exceeds its maximum regular operation speed, demonstrating the overspeed capability of the component. This ensures safe, reliable performance for many energy applications. For example, overspeed testing is a necessary component of FAA certification for aircraft turbine engines.

Another type of test that rotating components undergo is low cycle fatigue testing (LCF). This test assesses the durability of high-speed rotors under centrifugal loads. High-speed rotors store a significant amount of kinetic energy, requiring a safe operational life be a critical consideration for operation management.

Spin testing verifies the integrity of devices that operate at high rotational speeds. These tests provide objective evidence of a component’s capabilities, both at the design limits and beyond. In addition to design validation and engineering testing, Test Devices by SCHENCK provides proof and overspeed testing as a part of the manufacturing process, frequently reducing turnaround times by two or more weeks. We make it easier for you to meet product delivery deadlines.

Why Should You Choose Test Devices?

Test Devices by SCHENCK is a leading provider of rotational testing systems and services. Our 50,000-square-foot facility allows us to handle spin testing services for customers from around the world, with quick turnaround times. We tirelessly research, design, and develop solutions with our international team of over 900 experts. Our customers span many industries that feature applications where reliable component performance is critical, including the automotive, aerospace, electrical, mechanical engineering, and energy industries.

Test Devices provides products and services that exceed our customer’s requirements. We are ISO 9001 and AS9100 compliant and are continuously improving our product innovation and quality management systems. We undergo yearly, third-party audits to ensure we are always compliant with industry regulations.

Unparalleled Solutions for the Energy Industry

Rotating components used in the energy industry need to be accurately tested before installation and use. Powered by the ingenuity of the world’s best scientists and engineers, Test Devices provides precise and efficient testing for these critical applications. For low cycle fatigue, proof, and overspeed testing, our state-of-the-art facility can verify high-speed component performance integrity. Learn more about our solutions by contacting us, or requesting a quote today.