Centrio Spin Tester

Spin testing or Overspeed testing is a useful step for assessing rotating parts by subjecting them to a centrifugal load. A spin testeris a purpose designed machine for testing rotating parts in both research and development, and production purposes. Rotating parts, such as high-speed grinders, automobile couplings, commutators, ventilators, turbochargers, turbo compressors, gas turbines, jet engines, electric motors would benefit from the use of spin testing to ensure their quality.

Centrio Spin Tester

SCHENCK’s  new Centrio Series Spin Testing machine are designed to perform the following tests:

  • Forging Pre-spinning (a type of material conditioning technique)
  • Overspeed and proof tests (rotor integrity tests)
  • Burst tests (investigation of failure mode and mechanisms)
  • LCF tests (cyclic fatigue test)
  • Cetrio is a modular spin test platform that can be equipped to perform different types of tests mentioned above with a range test instrumentation and in various test environments (for example: heated or cryogenic conditions). 

What Are the Key Benefits of the Centrio Spin Tester?

centrio SCHENCK has more than 400 installations of spin testing machines across the globe, backed with over 50 years of experience in serving our customers. The Centrio series spin pit is a well engineered machine with a sleek design with a minimal footprint. It boasts a wide range of automated features and smart integration for the ease of use. 

Centrio offers the highest energy efficiency, equipped with regenerative braking. Energy cost saving is a pertinent concern when performing LCF tests and continuous testing applications. 

As with any SCHENCK products, the Centrio spin tester comes with  exceptional after-sales support from our service specialists with years of experience commissioning, troubleshooting machines and for different type of testing applications.

The Centrio spin tester provides the latest in safety features to protect personnel, operators, and machinery within the facility. Flaring for sound deadening helps reduce the noise produced by the Centrio spin tester to one-half of the perceivable value, or 10dB, improving the safety and comfort of personnel on the production floor. While the spin testeris operating, several safety interlocks protect personnel from hazards present during the testing of heavy rotors .

A comprehensive self-monitoring system provides early damage detection to safely avoid machine failure. Burst protection integrated into the vacuum-sealed chamber of the spin pit effectively absorbs high-velocity debris and fragments during a rotor burst incident.

How Do the Centrio 100 Spin Tester Serve E-Mobility Applications?

In 2020, manufacturers produced 14 million non-internal combustion engine (ICE) drive system automobiles. By 2030, that number could reach 70 million, or a share of roughly 60% of newly manufactured vehicles. Industry experts expect the E-mobility and green technology industry to grow exponentially in the next decade. Research and development and production teams depend on efficient and safe spin testing systems to test E-mobility products. The Centrio spin pit offers a versatile turn-key test platform to serve various applications with exceptional safety and efficiency.

SCHENCK’s two Centers of Excellence (CoE) rely on years of experience in testing to support the extensive capabilities and quality of the Centrio spin tester. We test e-mobility products constantly at our CoE in Europe and the United States which are equipped with four and six spin pits, respectively. Our CoEs each provide extensive experience and a variety of spin testing capabilities.

Why Should You Choose SCHENCK for Your Spin Testing Needs?

SCHENCK is a world leader in engineering and balancing high-speed rotors. We have the experience and equipment to deliver spin testing services that leaders in the e-propulsion OEM space expect. Our Centrio spin testers are highly-advanced test platforms and come with the experience of our in-house testing experts.

At SCHENCK, our commitment to high-quality products and services helps us meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our consistent innovations and process improvements and ISO 9001 and AS9100-certified quality management system ensure we will deliver a solution that meets your needs. Our extensive selection of services can meet the requirements for nearly every project, from one-off tests to outsourced manufacturing operations management.

Partner With SCHENCK for Your E-Mobility Spin Testing

E-mobility products require rigorous testing to perform under harsh conditions, and provide an edge in the competitive green technology sector. Test Devices by SCHENCK has the experience to rigorously test any rotating device. From Test Devices in Massachusetts, we provide testing under internationally certified industry standards. When you rely on the Centrio spin testing machine and Test Devices by SCHENCK, you can trust that your e-propulsion product will perform as expected in the market. Contact us today to learn more about our spin testing capabilities.