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Test Devices has developed the world’s most precise, accurate and efficient test solutions because the company employs very experienced and accomplished scientists and engineers. For almost 40 years Test Devices has developed and advanced the science of centrifugal, vibratory and thermal stress testing and measurement of rotational components – critical solutions engineers need to evaluate integrity and validate component parts.

  • Production / Proof
    (“Burst”) Rigs

    Production / Proof (“Burst”) Rigs

    Test Devices offers a complete range of turnkey spin rigs for proof (burst) testing targeted at R&D applications, and over-speed (pre-spin) testing for production requirements. Many options are available to customize machines for specific needs.

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  • Dynamic Rigs
  • Fatigue Rigs
  • Drive Systems
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Spin Test Equipment Comparison

Modules Included

Production/ Proof ("Burst") RigsFatigue RigsDynamic Rigs
Advanced Data Acquisition (HCF)
Vibration Excitation (HCF)
Containment Chamber
High-Speed Drive
Vacuum System
Cyclic Controller
Data Acquisition
Spectrum Analyzer
Precision Speed Control (+/- 1 rpm)
Strain Measurement


Production/ Proof ("Burst") RigsFatigue RigsDynamic Rigs
Elevated Temperature
Cryogenic Temperature
Data Acquisition
Spectrum Analyzer
Radial Growth Measurement
Crack Detection
High-Speed Video
Constant Thermal Gradient
Thermal/ Mechanical Fatigue (planned)
Strain Measurement
Optical Strain Measurement
Non-Contact Strain Measurement
Custom Excitation Hardware (HCF)