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The Value of Fatigue Testing

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Fatigue testing is a crucial procedure used by engineers and technicians to help predict the durability of a part or component under its operating conditions. To appreciate the value of fatigue testing, it is essential to first understand the phenomenon. Fatigue is a type of structural damage prevalent in cyclically loaded structures. The fatigue is […]

Spin Testing for eDrive Components

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Propelled by political, technological, and economic factors, growing global demand for electric vehicles (EV) has accelerated the pace of development of eDrive systems. Automotive part suppliers are developing an increasing number of sizes and varieties of eDrive systems to meet the rising number of EV models offered by all major automotive manufacturers across the international […]

TDI On Track for Growth in eDrive Spin Testing Systems

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As the race for improved electric drives for electric vehicles, drones, and hybrid drive/propulsion systems accelerates, the need for testing of rotors used in high-speed electric motors is also on track for growth. Test Devices Inc. (TDI) is pleased to begin offering detailed rotor growth testing as well as a variety of other types of […]

TDI Expanding Balancing Services with New Schenck Machine

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For the past four decades, Test Devices Inc. has provided our customers with an extensive range of rotational services, including balancing troubleshooting, diagnostics, and calibration. In an effort to meet growing consumer demands and reinforce our commitment to providing the best and most accurate rotor balancing services, we are expanding our balancing capabilities by acquiring […]

The Testing Capabilities of Subscale Jet Engine Rigs – Part 2

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High performance machines, such as jet engine and gas turbine parts, need to endure arduous environments for extended periods of time and perform their functions reliably time after time. The parts designed for combustors and turbine systems are subjected to harsh environments resulting from the combined effects of high temperature, combustion gas products and the […]


Optical Strain Measurement Vs. Traditional Strain Gauging

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In mechanical engineering, “strain” refers to the degree and the way a structure deforms under a load. An understanding of the strain behavior, combined with the knowledge of the failure mechanisms of structural materials, allows intricate yet robust designs of modern, high-performance aerospace machines, including rocket and jet engines. High-speed rotors, such as jet engine […]

Test Devices to Offer In-House Rough Machining Beginning June 2018

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Test Devices Inc. (TDI) is thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering in-house rough machining services starting June 2018. As a part of our investment in expanding this capability, we’ll be adding two horizontal CNC horizontal lathes (Okuma), allowing TDI to become a convenient one-stop shop. Our team can now serve clients throughout every step […]

Exciting Facility Updates at Test Devices

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As the rate of jet engine part production has rapidly increased and our clients continue to forecast further growth, we’ve become a trusted spin testing & spin process provider. To keep up with rising demand and continue to offer the most cutting-edge services available, Test Devices, Inc. has completed multiple facility expansions in recent years. […]

spin rig comparison

Low Cycle Fatigue Rigs vs. Dynamic Spin Rigs

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To validate the integrity of rotating parts against centrifugally loaded conditions, spin testing is a critical step to ensure rotor product quality. While the principle of the spin testing appears straightforward, it’s very easy to miss the important subtleties of the testing mechanics. In fact, since the early days of the spin testing, millions of […]

Small Jet Engine Testing Rig

The Testing Capabilities of Subscale Jet Engine Rigs – Part 1

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A full-scale jet engine test provides both engineers and designers valuable and realistic data for developing and improving the design and the performances of critical rotating parts and the jet engines. However, performing a full-scale engine test is typically is an expensive and technically complicated affair. Many engineers are still unaware of the various affordable […]