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What Is Rotor Balancing and Why Is It Essential?

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Rotors are a critical component used to convert electric or electromagnetic energy into rotational motion. For rotors to operate reliably, they must maintain even weight distribution across the rotational axis. Too much weight on one side creates uneven mass distribution known as “unbalance”. Rotating parts in any mechanical assembly can become unbalanced. Uneven weight distribution […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Test Devices for Precision Machining Services

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In modern manufacturing operations that create critical rotating parts, each step, from forging to finish machining to final inspection, contributes to the overall quality of the finished pieces. To ensure the highest level of precision and reliability of your parts, it is essential that your semi-finish machining service provider has robust manufacturing processes in places […]

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Machining in the Aerospace Industry

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The success or failure of aerospace operations is dependent on the accuracy, precision, and quality of the components employed. For this reason, aerospace companies utilize advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques to ensure their components fully meet their needs. While new manufacturing methods such as 3D printing are quickly gaining popularity among industry professionals, traditional manufacturing […]


The Commercial Space Economy Forecasts an Optimistic Future

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With the recent manned mission of a US-made rocket, and advancements in reusable launch systems, commercial space is coming into the spotlight and showing an optimistic future. The commercial space economy has been steadily growing in recent years for reasons ranging from financials to innovative breakthroughs in technology. Although the manned-mission is in the spotlight, […]

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Why Choose a Full Service Semi-Finish Manufacturer?

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Full-Service Manufacturing: What Makes Us Unique? Through our extensive knowledge and expertise in rough and semi-finish manufacturing, we are able to give our customers the highest quality rotating parts making us the industry leader in this category. While success in these areas does require a dedicated team, what makes Test Devices unique is our combination […]


Success for the HQ-1 Spin Test System

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Shops and factories need to regularly test rotors to ensure excellent performance and adherence to design or production requirements. The HQ-1 Spin Tester is a purpose-built bench that incorporates all basic spin testing. HQ-1 is designed for manufacturing environment, and most suitable for spin testing: High-speed electric motor armatures Small gas turbine disks and bladed […]


Protect Your Turbines and Engines with Subscale Turbine Particle Test Rigs

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Solid particulates—such as sand, volcanic ash or airborne pollutants produced through the burning of fossil fuels—pose a significant risk to power turbines and jet engines employed in the industrial, commercial, and military sectors. Whether natural or manmade, these contaminants can severely impact the performance and durability of these systems and, in some cases, cause damage […]

Optical Strain Measurement: What You Need to Know

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Optical strain measurement is a non-contact measurement technique that employs digital image processing principles. Compared to traditional strain measurement methods, this technique provides a more streamlined solution for testing operations. The increase in testing efficiency is due largely to the elimination of the need for the modification of parts for lead-wire routing and sensor attachment.  […]


Industrial Applications of Spin-Testing and Balancing

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Precision testing of high-speed, high-performance motors and rotors is of paramount importance in today’s aerospace, automotive, and defense industries.  Spin testing is performed to validate the design, durability, balance, and structural integrity of the motor. The material and structural behavior of the rotor, which ties to the efficiency of a machine, is of major import across the many varied applications […]

Test Devices Afterburner Small Jet Engine Test

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The advancement of jet engine technology is directly tied to the pursuit of a hotter core, which continuously pushes the need for superior high-temperature materials, coatings and sensors. Testing nascent material and components in highly relevant conditions, and generating data, especially in the earliest phase of development work helps engineers and scientists to bridge the […]