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Test Devices Afterburner Small Jet Engine Test

The advancement of jet engine technology is directly tied to the pursuit of a hotter core, which continuously pushes the need for superior high-temperature materials, coatings and sensors.

Testing nascent material and components in highly relevant conditions, and generating data, especially in the earliest phase of development work helps engineers and scientists to bridge the “information gap”.

Test Devices’ subscale jet engine rig is now available with 2000+F gas temperature capability. Learn more about our subscale jet engine testing services in our eBook, The Importance of Subscale Jet Engine Testing.

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Test Devices Improves Overall Production Capacity

In-House Machining Capabilities

At Test Devices, Inc. we’ve made dramatic improvements in production capacity. We are not only producing more, but we’re also doing it faster than ever before. Along with dramatically shorter lead times, record production, and a plan for continued growth and improvement, here’s an outline of exciting developments at Test Devices.

Test Devices Improved Production Capacity

To appreciate our remarkable growth in production, you just need to look at the numbers. In the first quarter of 2017, we shipped 480 pieces. By the same time in 2018, that number grew to 915, and in 2019 it has more than doubled to 1,873 parts. Our capacity has continued to increase in the last four months, and we are poised to hit a new record high of 800 pieces a month.

One of the ways we have expanded production capacity, and speed, is with our new and expanding machining operations. Previously, we had to outsource forging machining to other facilities. Transit time and queue times added significant delays, which added considerable time to projects. With our enhanced and growing machining capabilities, we’ve eliminated those delays. Parts go through machining, to spinning, with improved velocity.  This has enabled us to achieved a same-day turnaround in some cases.. We’ve also added balancing equipment, and our post balance spin testing allows us to prove out the balancing operations. We are capable of pre-spin  machining, spinning, and post-spinning machining, all in-house, so processing is more efficient than ever. 

Another boost to our growth is the group of talented post-graduate engineering students we work with. Through this partnership, we provide them with the opportunity to begin their career in aerospace. They join us to learn the business from the ground up, and their detailed knowledge of our operations helps them seamlessly move into the engineering side of the company. This gives them concrete knowledge about our operations before they dive into the intricacies of the aerospace industry.

Our ability to manage larger volumes, in less time, means we can serve customers as they grow. This eliminates the need for customers to line up second or third backup supply houses, making their process simple and streamlined with one vendor. We’re not only helping our current customers with quick turnarounds, and increased production volumes, but we are also reaching out to new customers to expand our business.

All of this adds up to an incredible work environment where the atmosphere is positive and collaborative. Our team works together efficiently and enthusiastically to continue our forward momentum.

Test Devices’ Services and Capabilities

We’re excited about all the services we provide at Test Devices. Our precision balancing machines are state-of-the-art and handle as much as 450 lbs. We offer specialty machining with an efficient and fully equipped machine shop. We specialize in developing products to tight tolerances of plus or minus 0.0001” for balancing and spinning. Our high precision production machining capabilities continue to expand. Most recently, we installed two Okuma LB45 horizontal lathes, which are capable of 25” turning. We also invested in a Toshiba TUE-15 vertical turning lathe, which is capable of 70” turning.

With a team of expert inspectors, we provide advanced dimensional inspection with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure our machinery is up to strict standards. Our two Zeiss Contura scanning coordinate measuring machines enable us to evaluate machinery to accuracies of 0.18 microns. 

Our experienced technicians and seasoned engineers make us uniquely equipped to manage and support your projects. The combined expertise means we can nimbly address problems and ensure quality, timely production. 

Contact Test Devices for Quick Turnaround on Machining Projects

Test Devices has invested in new capabilities and a stellar team. With these improvements, we are ready for more volume and new customers. We’re proud of the quality production, shorter lead time, and the excellent communication we offer. For more information about our services or to request a quote, contact us today.

The Competitive Advantages of Working with Test Devices

Test Devices  provides our clients with leading spin and subscale jet engine testing, balancing services, and test equipment. If your application involves high-speed, rotating components, Test Devices is your one-stop shop for testing and servicing needs.

We provide spin tests for manufactured parts and design validation and offer a variety of add-on services such as optical strain surveys and high-speed video imaging. We also offer subscale jet engine testing services with unparalleled capabilities—we test for key engineering concerns such as creep and fatigue, volcanic ash, coating durability, and more. 

Our balancing services utilize precision machining to ensure that we provide exceptional quality assurance. All our test equipment – from dynamic and fatigue rigs to drive systems and beyond – is the product of nearly 40 years of experience. 

Test Devices Services and Capabilities

At Test Devices , we’ve designed our service portfolio with our clients in mind. We provide a full range of services to help our clients mitigate the costs and hassles associated with complex testing.

Spin Testing

Test Devices performs a variety of spin testing and rotor balancing services. We’re fully committed to supporting your critical engine part certifications, validating your designs, and improving your manufacturing processes. Our spin testing services include:

  • Overspeed testing
  • Pre-spin testing
  • Burst testing
  • Low-cycle fatigue testing
  • Dynamic spin testing
  • Thermal gradient testing
  • Overspeed certification testing (also known as proof testing)

Subscale Jet Engine Testing

We offer subscale jet engine testing for clients in the aerospace industry. Our proven methods offer an affordable, practical way to gather crucial test data on materials, coatings, or sensors for new engines in development.

Balancing Services

Precision rotor balancing requires very specific skills and expertise. The process may seem simple, but is far from it. Many other providers will lack the capabilities necessary to meet the strict and complex standards required by demanding aerospace applications. Our highly trained engineers possess the education and experience necessary to achieve complex balances within the strictest tolerances.

Test Equipment

Our team at Test Devices has developed the most precise, accurate, and efficient test solutions in the world. We only employ experienced and accomplished scientists and engineers, so our team is well-equipped to handle nearly any testing need.

Test Devices : Your One-Stop Shop

Our full range of solutions ensures that we will be a single-source provider for client projects. Our facility possesses the following:

  • Balancing

Our state-of-the-art precision balancing machines offer capabilities of up to 450 lbs., ensuring that we can balance rotors of nearly any size.

  • Specialty Machining

Our fully equipped, compact machine shop homes myriad machining and tooling options. We specialize in developing products to tight tolerances of ±0.0001″ for balancing and spin tooling.

  • Batch Production Machining

We’ve installed two Okuma LB45 horizontal lathes capable of 25″ turning. We also possess a Toshiba TUE-15 vertical turning lathe capable of 70″ turning.

  • Advanced Dimensions Inspection

Our expert inspectors use the most advanced equipment available to ensure that machinery meets the most demanding specifications. We have a climate controlled inspection room with two Ziess Contura scanning coordinate measuring machines capable of achieving accuracies of 0.18 microns.

  • Expert Testing and Production Teams

Our seasoned team of engineers and expert technicians possess the capability to project manage and support your needs regardless of industry. Our combined expertise in engineering and building spin equipment, tooling, instrumentations, and quality production gives us a unique ability to expeditiously troubleshoot and debug problems. Our solutions will also be provided in the most affordable and timely manner possible.

For more information on the team at Test Devices and how we can improve your bottom line, please download our eBook, “Unparalleled Innovation: Competitive Advantages of Working With Test Devices ”

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competitive-advantages-test-devices-incTo read more about all these great benefits of working with us and more, download our most recent eBook

Unparalleled Value: Competitive Advantages of Worthing with Test Devices today.

Test Devices 2018 Year in Review

2018 has been a banner year for Test Devices, with expansions in both our facilities and our services, allowing us to better serve our customers as a “dependable partner” and a convenient “one stop shop”. Some of our new and expanded service offerings include in-house machining, eDrive spin testing, and expanded balancing capabilities – thanks to the acquisition of a new Schenck balancing machine.

Facility Updates 

Test Devices’ latest facility upgrade brought significant improvements to our shipping and receiving departments and upgrades to our climate-controlled precision inspection room, which includes the expansion of our Quality Inspection team and the acquisition of a new larger CMM (coordinate measuring machine).

The redesigned facility layout, added floor space, and new equipment allowed us to streamline our workflow and enables us to work more efficiently than ever before. The new shipping and receiving departments are now located to the front of the building with an expanded floor space, and optimally equipped handling areas with additional cranes and staged operations. This new layout minimizes unnecessary movement, creates easier access and an unobstructed flow of materials.

We have also expanded our equipment build area and relocated it to a new section of our facility. This move allowed for a more efficient staging of equipment builds and assembly operations capable of preparing three to four machines simultaneously.

Semi-Finish Machining

As of June, Test Devices now offers in-house semi-finish machining services for aerospace turbine disks. For over a decade, TDI has served leading jet engine OEMs who require forging pre-spinning services—a vital part of producing nascent engine disks that offer the highest performance. While a seemingly simple process, this service is deeply specialized, demanding the highest knowledge and skill level to produce a seamless operation. This newly added machining capability will vertically integrate operational steps and allow TDI to offer more expeditious and higher quality services. By the end of 2018, TDI is on track to ship over 100 semi-finished forgings.

Expanding Aerospace Grade Balancing Services

In 2018, Test Devices grew our balancing capabilities by acquiring a new HM 20 Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machine to support the growing demand for these operations. This high precision, state-of-the-art machine allows TDI to service a broader range of customers with varying rotor balancing needs.

Among the primary benefits of the HM 20 is its hard-mounted bearing design, ensuring rapid changeovers between rotors, which allows Test Devices handle significantly higher volumes of balancing jobs and increase the efficiency of our operational capabilities. The HM 20’s modular design also allows it to be easily modified.

Growth in eDrive Spin Testing Systems

The successful completion of an increasing number of proof and burst tests and 130,000 LCF cycles in 2018 attests to the growing demand for eDrive testing.

We are continuing to enhance our testing and engineering offerings to support eDrive customers in 2018, including advanced rotor growth mapping, high-resolution, high-speed video imaging, expedited fatigue, LCF tests (with RT-CDS and growth mapping), heated spin tests, unbalance budgeting and rotor design engineering support.

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2019 and Beyond

Test Devices Inc. continues to build our services and capabilities in 2019 and we look forward to offering better services for new and existing clients in the aerospace, automotive, and other highly technical industries. We will keep leading the industry by offering the latest services and technology.

To learn how our spin testing, balancing, and other services can help your R&D efforts, prototyping, or manufacturing operation, contact us or request a quote.

Test Devices to Offer In-House Rough Machining Beginning June 2018

Test Devices Inc. (TDI) is thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering in-house rough machining services starting June 2018.

As a part of our investment in expanding this capability, we’ll be adding two horizontal CNC horizontal lathes (Okuma), allowing TDI to become a convenient one-stop shop. Our team can now serve clients throughout every step of the process, from design to pilot run to full process deployment, all with AS9100/ISO9001 Rev D compliance.

Forging Pre-Spin in Specialty Aviation Applications

For over 10 years, TDI has been serving leading jet engine OEMs with forging pre-spinning services, an essential step for nascent high-performance engine disk production. Adding the rough machining capability onsite now allows us to offer shorter turnaround times and higher overall efficiency, ensuring clients’ specific needs are met as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The forging pre-spin process may seem easy at first glance, but it’s actually a highly specialized service, and requires a true expert to ensure flawless operation. These professionals must oversee:

  • Proper spin tooling design for repeated use
  • Commissioning & pilot runs
  • Confirmation and monitoring of accurate disk growth amounts
  • Troubleshooting for rotor dynamics issues
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting quality process-related issues

Reliable Supply for Rising Demand: Preparing for Increased Aircraft and Engine Sales

The demand for aircraft continues to grow, supporting the need for increased air travel. This trend is expected to continue its upward trajectory over the next 15 to 20 years; translating to continued growth in aircraft and engine sales from lead OEMs — as well as an increased need for critical spare parts that require pre-spin and rough machining. Engine turbine disks, for instance, must undergo these processes to ensure optimal performance and safety.

By bringing rough machining in-house, TDI will reduce both costs and turnaround times for our customers, and overall flexibility and responsiveness will be significantly improved. We are well-positioned to meet the rising demand.

New Technology, New Services: Rough Machining From TDI

We aim to serve as a truly dependable, knowledgeable partner, serving every customer’s most challenging mechanical equipment needs.

To learn more about TDI and explore our specialty services and pre-spin testing capabilities, download our free eBook, “Spin Testing for Manufacturing 101,” or reach out to the team today.

Exciting Facility Updates at Test Devices

As the rate of jet engine part production has rapidly increased and our clients continue to forecast further growth, we’ve become a trusted spin testing & spin process provider. To keep up with rising demand and continue to offer the most cutting-edge services available, Test Devices, Inc. has completed multiple facility expansions in recent years.

So, what’s new at Test Devices, and what do our latest expansions mean for our customers?

Facility and Capability Expansion

Our latest expansion incorporates improvements in both the shipping and receiving department and the equipment build area. We’ve also recently acquired a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM)!

  • Spin Rig Assembly AreaShipping and receiving — To re-engineer the flow of parts coming into and out of our building, we relocated the shipping and receiving department to the front of the building to allow for expanded storage and handling areas along with additional cranes. In addition, the new area includes both plenty of space for trucks to back-in and an adjustable loading dock, allowing our forklifts to directly unload trailers. The relocation and improvements make unloading and loading operations significantly more efficient, contributing to reductions in turn-around time of customer parts.
  • New coordinate measuring machine — To support the needs of our growing forging pre-spin business, we remodeled our climate-controlled precision inspection room, expanded the Quality Inspection team, and added a new larger Zeiss CMM machine.
  • Equipment build area — Because of the volume of recent spin rig orders, the equipment build & assembly area was relocated to a new section of the building. This update allows for new capabilities including improved setup and staging of the equipment builds and the ability to build three to four machines simultaneously. The improved build area also features an updated air supply and electrical supply for building and testing advanced machines.

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With an eye on quality services and constant innovation across everything we do, our Test Devices, Inc. team consistently strives to provide timely and efficient services to better meet our customers’ needs.

An industry-leading provider of spin testing and balancing services, Test Devices is thrilled to announce these new facility updates, which will allow us to better serve our ever-expanding client base.

For more information on these changes, or to discuss how we can help with your specific testing needs, contact the team today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Test Devices, Inc. Acquired by Schenck

To Deliver Increased Value and Testing Capabilities to Customers

[Deer Park, New York. and Hudson, Mass.]  Sept. 28, 2017 –  Schenck Corporation (Schenck) and Test Devices, Inc. (TDI) announced today that they have reached a definitive agreement under which Schenck will acquire TDI in the form of a share deal from its current owner, Mr. H. Eric Sonnichsen.

TDI is a leader in aviation-related testing technologies in the commercial and military sector, and is globally recognized for its proprietary, high-speed testing solutions. The company generated sales greater than $8 million in 2016.

Schenck is an affiliated company of Germany-based Schenck RoTec GmbH. They are a leader in balancing and vibration diagnostic devices, with regional US offices in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Greenville, SC and Anaheim, CA. In addition, Schenck has a Mexican subsidiary with service cells in five main industrial areas. Its North American sales are about $50 million (globally around $250 million).

“This acquisition adds tremendous consulting, prototyping and testing capabilities to our aerospace product line,” said Schenck President Ulrik Frodermann. “Together, TDI and Schenck will enhance customer value in a rapidly evolving aerospace industry by providing fast, cost-efficient, nondestructive or destructive testing methods, in the form of capital equipment or as an extended workbench.”

“With three complementary balancing and spin testing centers in the US and ten additional centers globally, Schenck and TDI are uniquely positioned to support OEMs globally”, Frodermann continued. “Embedded in the German Dürr Group (2017 estimated turnover of more than $4 billion), these two companies will continue to innovate testing solutions and enable those solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things Platform (IIoT) ADAMOS, a consortium recently established of five German industrial powerhouses to facilitate the digital transformation of their product offerings.”

“We are excited to become part of the Schenck and Dürr organization, which will enable TDI to deliver significantly more value to customers.  We look forward to further innovating in the domain of high-speed testing services and equipment, benefiting our customers by providing increased capability, and further assisting them in their ongoing efforts to advance their products” said Test Devices’ President David Woodford.

Upon completion of the transaction, Schenck and TDI will continue their present product offerings, as two complementary brands with David Woodford retaining his position as President of TDI and Ulrik Frodermann, President of Schenck acting as the chairman of the supervisory board. Mr. Sonnichsen will continue to support the business as a Senior Engineering Consultant.


About Schenck Corporation

Schenck Corporation, Deer Park NY, a fully owned subsidiary of Schenck RoTec GmbH based in Darmstadt, Germany, provides high technology products and services to automotive and aerospace industries.

Schenck RoTec is the world market leader in the field of balancing and diagnosis technology and has 17 subsidiaries and joint ventures with seven production sites worldwide. In addition, there are 44 representatives and offices on all five continents. The Schenck RoTec group supplies innovative technologies to important industries such as the automotive and supply industries, the electrical and electronics industry, aerospace, power station engineering and mechanical engineering.

Schenck RoTec is part of Dürr group – one of the world’s leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with extensive automation expertise. Products, systems, and services offered by the Group enable highly efficient manufacturing processes in different industries. Dürr supplies sectors like the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and the woodworking industry. The company has 86 business locations in 28 countries. The Group generated sales of € 3.57 billion in 2016. Dürr has around 14,500 employees and operates in the market with five divisions:

  • Paint and Final Assembly Systems: paint shops and final assembly systems for the automotive industry
  • Application Technology: robot technologies for the automated application of paint, sealants, and adhesives
  • Clean Technology Systems: exhaust-air purification systems and energy efficiency technology
  • Measuring and Process Systems: balancing equipment as well as assembly, testing and filling technology
  • Woodworking Machinery and Systems: machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry


Forward-Looking Statements

This publication has been prepared independently by Schenck Corporation. It may contain statements which address such key issues as strategy, future financial results, events, competitive positions and product developments. Such forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and other factors, including, but not limited to those described in Dürr’s disclosures, in particular in the chapter entitled “Risks” in Dürr’s annual report. Should one or more of these risks, uncertainties and other factors materialize, or should underlying expectations not occur or assumptions prove incorrect, actual results, performances or achievements of Dürr may vary materially from those described in the relevant forward-looking statements. These statements may be identified by words such as “expect,” “want,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” “seek,” “estimate,” “will,” “project” or words of similar meaning. Dürr neither intends, nor assumes any obligation, to update or revise its forward-looking statements regularly in light of developments which differ from those anticipated. Stated competitive positions are based on management estimates supported by information provided by specialized external agencies.


Test Devices Inc.’s Improved Capacity

Over the last year, Test Devices has seen a significant influx in the volume of parts that our facility processes on a weekly basis. This increased demand pushed us to re-evaluate whether our methods were providing the best possible experience for our clients.

We’ve made several adjustments to our processes in order to improve turnaround time, capacity, and overall customer experience. We’ve already started to roll out many of these changes, and you will begin seeing them take effect in the coming weeks. The most notable areas of change are:


Many of the parts we process require that a precise measurement be taken both before and after the spin test. In January 2017, we installed a 2nd CMM (scans parts up to 48” diameter) that not only allows us to inspect larger parts, but to inspect multiple parts simultaneously as well.



Spin Rigs

In 2016, we dedicated (2) spin rigs to be used solely for the support of pre-spin and overspeed spin testing. We are also retrofitting another existing machine (available mid-April). With the addition of this machine, we will have a total of (3) machines dedicated to our pre-spin and overspeed spin testing, and Test Devices will be able to better dedicate rigs for specific speeds and part types – ultimately significantly reducing setup times.



Test Devices has added additional personnel to support two shifts of operation in both spin rigs and CMM inspection. We are actively looking for additional candidates as the 3rd spin rig comes on-line.


5S Activity

Last year, Test Devices acquired additional space within our facility, and we immediately went to work to determine how it could be used to maximize efficiency and improve part flow.  A thoughtful reorganization of our layout freed up a significant amount of room, which is now expressly dedicated to handling the increased volume of pre-spin and overspeed spin testing.


Improved Scheduling

We have recently instituted the use of a whiteboard to improve scheduling and better ensure we meet customer commitments.