Test Devices to Offer In-House Rough Machining Beginning June 2018

Test Devices Inc. (TDI) is thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering in-house rough machining services starting June 2018.

As a part of our investment in expanding this capability, we’ll be adding two horizontal CNC horizontal lathes (Okuma), allowing TDI to become a convenient one-stop shop. Our team can now serve clients throughout every step of the process, from design to pilot run to full process deployment, all with AS9100/ISO9001 Rev D compliance.

Forging Pre-Spin in Specialty Aviation Applications

For over 10 years, TDI has been serving leading jet engine OEMs with forging pre-spinning services, an essential step for nascent high-performance engine disk production. Adding the rough machining capability onsite now allows us to offer shorter turnaround times and higher overall efficiency, ensuring clients’ specific needs are met as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The forging pre-spin process may seem easy at first glance, but it’s actually a highly specialized service, and requires a true expert to ensure flawless operation. These professionals must oversee:

  • Proper spin tooling design for repeated use
  • Commissioning & pilot runs
  • Confirmation and monitoring of accurate disk growth amounts
  • Troubleshooting for rotor dynamics issues
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting quality process-related issues

Reliable Supply for Rising Demand: Preparing for Increased Aircraft and Engine Sales

The demand for aircraft continues to grow, supporting the need for increased air travel. This trend is expected to continue its upward trajectory over the next 15 to 20 years; translating to continued growth in aircraft and engine sales from lead OEMs — as well as an increased need for critical spare parts that require pre-spin and rough machining. Engine turbine disks, for instance, must undergo these processes to ensure optimal performance and safety.

By bringing rough machining in-house, TDI will reduce both costs and turnaround times for our customers, and overall flexibility and responsiveness will be significantly improved. We are well-positioned to meet the rising demand.

New Technology, New Services: Rough Machining From TDI

We aim to serve as a truly dependable, knowledgeable partner, serving every customer’s most challenging mechanical equipment needs.

To learn more about TDI and explore our specialty services and pre-spin testing capabilities, download our free eBook, “Spin Testing for Manufacturing 101,” or reach out to the team today.

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