Development Pre-Spin Services

The Issue

Computer modeling of a new design or material is an essential tool in the design of high-speed rotating components, but the precise performance is only an estimate until the models are verified with actual “truth” data.

Why It Matters

OEM’s with prototype or pre-qualification rotors requiring “pre-spin” are often interested in gathering a multi-unit data set of actual growth/speeds for model verification and to support manufacturing process analysis.

What You Can Do

A better understanding of a components dynamic response to stress and temperature can lead to improvements in manufacturing efficiencies, reduced production costs, reduced component weight, improved performance/reliability/efficiency, and reduced life cycle costs to the end user.

In response to this need, Test Devices has developed a method to measure elastic and plastic radial growth of components in real-time during a spin test. This capability allows for the measurement of elastic/plastic radial growth over the operating range.