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When the world’s most advanced manufacturers of rotating equipment need the world’s most accurate spin testing systems and spin testing services to evaluate the critical components they’re designing and fabricating, they turn to Test Devices, Inc.

Test Devices provides spin testing services and equipment to an array of demanding markets with exacting applications and requirements.

For its many aerospace, aviation and power generation clients, Test Devices offers spin test services and equipment that more closely represent operational engine environments. By providing comprehensive performance evaluation in realistic engine conditions, Test Devices helps its clients effectively validate performance at a fraction of the cost of full-engine testing.

Test Devices also provides comprehensive spin testing services for energy storage, air handling, automotive, electronics, and medical devices.

Test Devices has developed the world’s most precise, accurate and efficient test equipment because the company operates a contract test laboratory serving these demanding industries. Staffed with skilled test designers and engineers, Test Devices incorporates the innovations we develop as test experts into the machines we design and sell. For over 40 years Test Devices has developed and advanced the science of centrifugal, vibratory and thermal stress testing – critical solutions engineers need to evaluate the integrity and validate the life of component parts.

Test Devices provides the comprehensive spin testing equipment, testing expertise and data that engineers and scientists need to refine their assumptions, improve their models and select the best materials; in short, to research and develop the safest, most reliable, best-performing products in the world.

Working with Test Devices Makes A World of Difference.



Eric Sonnichsen’s Message from the Chairman

Test Devices serves customers who work with high-speed, high-stress, difficult mechanical equipment such as jet engines, accessories, innovative motors, and other energy conversion systems and components.

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Mike Guidotti: Production Supervisor

For the past nine years, Mike Guidotti has expertly managed the production schedule for Test Devices.

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Real-Time Crack Detection for Spin Rig

New Crack Detection Lease and Rental Program

For more than 15 years, companies have shipped disks and rotors to Test Devices for sophisticated diagnostics and Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) spin testing in our Real-Time Crack Detection System (RT-CDS).

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Dynamic Spin Rigs

Rotor Spin Testing dynamic blade excitation (Goodman Verification) including HCF to failure.

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Supply Chain Compression

Rough machining, pre-growth spin operations and/or inspections.

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