Semi-Finish Machining Services

Semi-finish machining is an integral step in the jet engine disk manufacturing process. Through decades of experience in managing and processing aerospace components to strict adherence to the AS9100 standard, Test Devices by SCHENCK developed and offers value-add services through on-demand and fast turnaround times along with greater overall production efficiency.

Our clients benefit from the combined offering of machining, inspection and spin testing operation under one roof. Leveraging our on-site engineering expertise, Test Devices can create and rollout efficient processes specific to your unique requirements as quickly and smoothly as possible. As a business unit of SCHENCK USA CORP, a member of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firm, the Dürr Group, Test Devices can draw on their depth and breadth of both technical prowess, resources and stable financial backing.

See the information below to find out more about the benefits of our semi-finish machining services. Download our semi-finishing e-book to learn more about the techniques and expertise it takes to go from forge to finish.

Balancing Services

Full Service Semi-Finish Manufacturing

  • Semi-Finish Manufacturing for Rotating Components

    Semi-Finish Manufacturing for Rotating Components

    Semi-finish machining typically involves removing excess layers of material from forgings prior to the material conditioning process (pre-spinning or overspeed test) and/or the final machining process. Though simple in concept, machining high-strength aerospace disk alloys and performing high-speed spin processing takes real engineering and operational expertise.

    Typical semi-finish machining requires a very small margin of error – approximately 0.050 inches of material on all finish dimensions. The capability to produce a consistent and high-quality output in a scalable manner requires having the right equipment, processes and the support of experienced staff. Producing any quantity of non-conforming parts is costly and unacceptable for customers.

  • Choosing an Industry Leader

    Choosing an Industry Leader

    As a business unit of SCHENCK USA CORP, a member of the global firm, Dürr Group, we are backed by an organization which prides itself in its technical and process excellence. We offer customers unparalleled sonic, rough, semi-finish, and pre-weld machining services-taking parts from forging states to complete semi-finish machined states that are ready to be processed to final part geometries. It’s our ability to manage and respond to our customers’ changing needs that sets us apart from the competition and it’s our personal touch that makes all the difference.

    Test Devices has an over 40-year track record of successful projects with major aerospace propulsion suppliers, automotive manufacturers, and industrial power generation manufacturers. We have demonstrated our expertise in handling and producing critical rotating parts used from the ground to outer space in applications ranging from the most advanced electric automobiles to critical parts for advanced jet engines.

    The true value of Test Devices’ expertise is perhaps best understood when problems arise. Driven by our commitment to providing the highest quality services and products, our talented and highly experienced staff can address and resolve various in-situ and process challenges in a timely and efficient manner.

We rigorously document all our manufacturing processes to ensure the precise execution of every stage. We provide on site rough and semi-finish machining services and we possess the advanced analytical and design expertise needed to manufacture critical rotating parts. To reduce lead times and meet our customer’s needs, we incorporate these elements into the rough and semi-finish machining process, including:

  • Machining Capabilities Machining Capabilities Machining Capabilities

    Machining Capabilities

    We continue to expand our machining capabilities to meet our customer demands. We currently have:

    • 2 x Okuma LB45 horizontal CNC lathes, capable of 25” turning
    • 1 x Toshiba TUE-15 vertical turning CNC lathe, capable of 70” turning
    • 2 x 16” CNC lathes
    • 2 x CNC 3-axis mills
    • We have an experienced CNC machining team that provides multiple shift operation
    • Specific expertise in rough and semi-finish machining, our staff are highly trained experts in handling aerospace alloys and critical rotating parts

    We routinely machine various aerospace and special alloys, including tough high-pressure turbine disk superalloys.

  • Commitment to Quality Commitment to Quality Commitment to Quality

    Commitment to Quality

    Quality assurance is essential function in the high precision machining process and aerospace manufacturing operations as a slight error could result in larger and serious issues.

    Test Devices’ operation conforms to the AS9100/ISO9001 standard as well as various QPRs for leading jet engine OEMs. Our quality assurance team consists of on-site Quality Process Experts, Designated Quality Representatives (DQR) and a team of dimensional inspection and CMM experts.

    We have a highly skilled inspection team who provides a range of inspection services from use of precise manual gages to CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines). Our trained experts ensure proper handling of your parts and accurate measurement.

  • Fast Turnaround Fast Turnaround Fast Turnaround

    Fast Turnaround

    Test Devices offers agile and responsive services to our customers’ needs. We understand the intricacy of highly synchronized modern supply-chain operations. Our production management team is always in close contact with the customers. We strive to anticipate our client’s needs and always be ready to deliver high-quality output.

    Any unplanned interruption in the production is a real cost to our customers. Backed by a skilled team of Engineers and Technicians with high-speed rotor expertise, we can identify and resolve various technical issues in a timely manner. Equipped with over four decades of experience, there is no situation that we aren’t confident our team can handle.

  • Reducing Your Cost Reducing Your Cost Reducing Your Cost

    Reducing Your Cost

    Addressing all relevant technical & operational requirements, developing quality processes, rolling out the pilot operation, and efficiently managing the ongoing manufacturing operation takes real domain specific expertise and the boots on ground experience to make it work. Test Devices is your one-stop-shop solution. From concept to implementation, we can support your production needs by providing a stand alone service or combination of our unique expertise.

    Our ability to manage the manufacturing process in-house gives us two key benefits that make Test Devices a unique industry leader. We are able to reduce costs and expedite manufacturing, resulting in a competitive advantage for our customers.