The Competitive Advantages of Working with Test Devices

Test Devices  provides our clients with leading spin and subscale jet engine testing, balancing services, and test equipment. If your application involves high-speed, rotating components, Test Devices is your one-stop shop for testing and servicing needs.

We provide spin tests for manufactured parts and design validation and offer a variety of add-on services such as optical strain surveys and high-speed video imaging. We also offer subscale jet engine testing services with unparalleled capabilities—we test for key engineering concerns such as creep and fatigue, volcanic ash, coating durability, and more. 

Our balancing services utilize precision machining to ensure that we provide exceptional quality assurance. All our test equipment – from dynamic and fatigue rigs to drive systems and beyond – is the product of nearly 40 years of experience. 

Test Devices Services and Capabilities

At Test Devices , we’ve designed our service portfolio with our clients in mind. We provide a full range of services to help our clients mitigate the costs and hassles associated with complex testing.

Spin Testing

Test Devices performs a variety of spin testing and rotor balancing services. We’re fully committed to supporting your critical engine part certifications, validating your designs, and improving your manufacturing processes. Our spin testing services include:

  • Overspeed testing
  • Pre-spin testing
  • Burst testing
  • Low-cycle fatigue testing
  • Dynamic spin testing
  • Thermal gradient testing
  • Overspeed certification testing (also known as proof testing)

Subscale Jet Engine Testing

We offer subscale jet engine testing for clients in the aerospace industry. Our proven methods offer an affordable, practical way to gather crucial test data on materials, coatings, or sensors for new engines in development.

Balancing Services

Precision rotor balancing requires very specific skills and expertise. The process may seem simple, but is far from it. Many other providers will lack the capabilities necessary to meet the strict and complex standards required by demanding aerospace applications. Our highly trained engineers possess the education and experience necessary to achieve complex balances within the strictest tolerances.

Test Equipment

Our team at Test Devices has developed the most precise, accurate, and efficient test solutions in the world. We only employ experienced and accomplished scientists and engineers, so our team is well-equipped to handle nearly any testing need.

Test Devices : Your One-Stop Shop

Our full range of solutions ensures that we will be a single-source provider for client projects. Our facility possesses the following:

  • Balancing

Our state-of-the-art precision balancing machines offer capabilities of up to 450 lbs., ensuring that we can balance rotors of nearly any size.

  • Specialty Machining

Our fully equipped, compact machine shop homes myriad machining and tooling options. We specialize in developing products to tight tolerances of ±0.0001″ for balancing and spin tooling.

  • Batch Production Machining

We’ve installed two Okuma LB45 horizontal lathes capable of 25″ turning. We also possess a Toshiba TUE-15 vertical turning lathe capable of 70″ turning.

  • Advanced Dimensions Inspection

Our expert inspectors use the most advanced equipment available to ensure that machinery meets the most demanding specifications. We have a climate controlled inspection room with two Ziess Contura scanning coordinate measuring machines capable of achieving accuracies of 0.18 microns.

  • Expert Testing and Production Teams

Our seasoned team of engineers and expert technicians possess the capability to project manage and support your needs regardless of industry. Our combined expertise in engineering and building spin equipment, tooling, instrumentations, and quality production gives us a unique ability to expeditiously troubleshoot and debug problems. Our solutions will also be provided in the most affordable and timely manner possible.

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