TDI Expanding Balancing Services with New Schenck Machine

For the past four decades, Test Devices Inc. has provided our customers with an extensive range of rotational services, including balancing troubleshooting, diagnostics, and calibration. In an effort to meet growing consumer demands and reinforce our commitment to providing the best and most accurate rotor balancing services, we are expanding our balancing capabilities by acquiring a new HM 20 Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machine to support our existing fleet of equipment.

This state-of-the-art machine represents the latest in rotor balancing technology. One of the main benefits of the HM 20 is its hard mounted bearing design, which ensures rapid changeovers between rotors. This feature gives us the ability to handle significantly higher volumes of balancing jobs and increase the efficiency of our operational capabilities.

Additionally, the HM 20 is easily modifiable due to its modular design. A wide range of components and attachments can be added to the unit, increasing its flexibility and allowing us to meet the unique demands of customers regardless of industry or application.

Why Balancing Matters

Rotor balancing is essential to ensure the even distribution of mass in rotating components. Unbalance due to eccentricities between the center of gravity of the rotor and the axis of rotation causes the heavier side of the rotor to exert more centrifugal load. The unbalance in the rotor ultimately leads to excessive noise, vibration, wear, and significantly reduced service life. In some applications, unbalanced rotors are even considered to be a safety hazard if machinery failure can result in personal injury or property damage.

Balancing Services at TDI

At Test Devices Inc., we offer a broad range of timely and cost-effective balancing of virtually any size rotor. Our advanced equipment (including our newly acquired HM 20 Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machine) is capable of providing balancing services for the most complex parts the aerospace industry.

Our services also include the design and manufacture of customized balance tooling for the production of unique and precisely balanced components.

Our staff of highly qualified and experienced industry experts, engineers, technicians, and consultants have provided rotary and balancing solutions in hundreds of challenging applications for many world-renowned clients. As a partner to Schenck, the experts in balancing, we are able to leverage their advanced technology and knowledge base with specific expertise and software support focused on the requirements most important to the aerospace industry. We also work closely with our customers, analyzing each specific case to determine the best methods and strategies for balancing.

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Proper balancing of rotors and other rotating components are essential to ensuring the efficiency, longevity, and safety of your machinery or equipment. Furthermore, balancing can have the added benefit of reduced maintenance, which can eliminate the costs associated with frequent repairs and part replacement.

Although the diagnosis of an imbalanced part is relatively simple, careful selection of a balancing service provider is crucial to guarantee optimum results. At Test Devices Inc., our technical staff have seen it all and are willing to assist you with your balancing needs.

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If you would like to learn more about the risks of improper balancing and how you can avoid them, download our comprehensive eBook, Balancing 101, or contact our team today.

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