Semi-Finish Machining Services

Semi-finish machining is an integral part of the on-site services offered by Test Devices, allowing us to offer shorter turnaround times along with greater overall production efficiency. Clients can also create highly specified products via semi-finish machining, allowing us to tailor products to unique requirements as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Leading jet engine OEMs rely on forging pre-spinning services provided by Test Devices as an essential step in the manufacturing process for creating disks for state of the art high-performance engines.

The forging pre-spin process is a highly specialized operation that requires flawless performance. Test Devices experts are properly trained and experienced in:

  • Choosing the proper spin tooling design for complex geometry parts and repeated use
  • Commissioning and performing pilot runs
  • Confirming and monitoring accurate levels of disk growth
  • Troubleshooting issues related to rotor dynamics
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting quality process–related issues

Semi-Finish Machining Services at Test Devices

Test Devices experts are highly experienced in transforming components, through pre-spin and semi-finish machining processes, taking rough forgings all the way to the state ready for final machining. Among our list of services provided are:

  • High–nickel content aerospace superalloy machining
  • Precision machining of critical rotating components
  • Producing machined features within the tolerance of ±0.0005”
  • Creation of high-precision geometric shapes from rough forgings
  • Inspecting critical rotating parts with coordinate measuring machines (CMM)

We rigorously document all our manufacturing processes to ensure the precise execution of every stage. We provide a wide range of on-site engineering support services, and we possess the advanced analytical and design expertise needed to manufacture critical rotating parts. To reduce lead times as much as possible, our services incorporate all elements of the manufacturing process, including:

  • Machining
  • Spinning
  • Inspection
  • Balancing

Benefits of Semi-Finish Machining Services

Our semi-finish machining services come with many benefits. Because we combine the machining, spinning, inspection, and balancing processes into one package and provide these services in-house, we’re able to reduce the overall cost and production time of the components we produce. This quicker turnaround also allows for an increased speed-to-market production, which provides our customers with a competitive edge. Related, shorter supply chain lead times resulting from consolidating multiple manufacturing steps from one supplier, can result in the reduction of WIP levels (ex. 10 pc/week and 8 week lead time = 80 pc/WIP, 6 week lead time = 60 pc/WIP).  Last, but not least, Test Devices has the expert staff supporting each step of the process, ready to respond to uncertainties and troubleshoot the problems in an expeditious manner.

Our team of experts provide the high levels of precision your finished products need, and we back each project with vigorous testing and process documentation. Contact us to learn more about how Test Devices can help with your next semi-finish machining project.