Test Devices Inc.’s Improved Capacity

Over the last year, Test Devices has seen a significant influx in the volume of parts that our facility processes on a weekly basis. This increased demand pushed us to re-evaluate whether our methods were providing the best possible experience for our clients.

We’ve made several adjustments to our processes in order to improve turnaround time, capacity, and overall customer experience. We’ve already started to roll out many of these changes, and you will begin seeing them take effect in the coming weeks. The most notable areas of change are:


Many of the parts we process require that a precise measurement be taken both before and after the spin test. In January 2017, we installed a 2nd CMM (scans parts up to 48” diameter) that not only allows us to inspect larger parts, but to inspect multiple parts simultaneously as well.



Spin Rigs

In 2016, we dedicated (2) spin rigs to be used solely for the support of pre-spin and overspeed spin testing. We are also retrofitting another existing machine (available mid-April). With the addition of this machine, we will have a total of (3) machines dedicated to our pre-spin and overspeed spin testing, and Test Devices will be able to better dedicate rigs for specific speeds and part types – ultimately significantly reducing setup times.



Test Devices has added additional personnel to support two shifts of operation in both spin rigs and CMM inspection. We are actively looking for additional candidates as the 3rd spin rig comes on-line.


5S Activity

Last year, Test Devices acquired additional space within our facility, and we immediately went to work to determine how it could be used to maximize efficiency and improve part flow.  A thoughtful reorganization of our layout freed up a significant amount of room, which is now expressly dedicated to handling the increased volume of pre-spin and overspeed spin testing.


Improved Scheduling

We have recently instituted the use of a whiteboard to improve scheduling and better ensure we meet customer commitments.


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