Why Choose a Full Service Semi-Finish Manufacturer?

Test devices semi finish rotating disk

Full-Service Manufacturing: What Makes Us Unique?

Through our extensive knowledge and expertise in rough and semi-finish manufacturing, we are able to give our customers the highest quality rotating parts making us the industry leader in this category. While success in these areas does require a dedicated team, what makes Test Devices unique is our combination of experts with our suite of on-site resources. 

Other facilities can surely spin and shape products, but more importantly we are equipped with the best engineers, operators, and equipment that can handle the unexpected inevitable challenges that arise in machining. With our versatile staff and top of the line equipment, at Test Devices, we have the capabilities to execute:

The Attention You Deserve

Our staff is nothing short of thorough, detail oriented, and personable. In a fast-paced environment with changing schedules, specifications, delivery schedules, and rotating points-of-contact, we understand that change is inevitable, and we need to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

Where we stand out among the rest is our ability to adapt to our customer’s needs. We stay engaged in personal and frequent contact, ensuring that feedback is not missed and capturing our customer’s needs and any changes along the way. Our production management will ensure part shipments are made on a day to day basis, while continuing to develop and maintain relationships with our customers and meeting their demands. 

No matter how urgent the request, our customers know that at Test Devices we will respond quickly with actionable steps, as we understand these changes could have an effect on our manufacturing and delivery schedule. 

Experts on Materials

With our staff of highly trained experts, we cover a vast amount of knowledge when speaking about rough and semi finish machining of complex alloys and critical rotating parts. At Test Devices, we routinely provide finishing for the following:

  • Heat-resistant super alloys
  • High-nickel content aerospace superalloys
  • Precision critical rotating components
  • Parts within tolerances of (+-) 0.0005”
  • High-precision geometric shapes from rough forgings

Our Proven Commitment

rotating disk manufacturerDriven by our commitment to provide high quality services and products and dedicated customer service, our expert staff will see any challenge to the finish line. 

After several years of successfully providing pre-finished parts to one of our customers, a major aerospace manufacturer, Test Devices experienced an increase in un-spinnable parts. After completing a detailed and thorough inspection of the machinery, our team was able to identify the problem which was determined to be a change in machining setup by the customer. We were then able to make the professional recommendation and solve the issue.

A second example involved an issue during spin testing for a leading manufacturer of centrifugal impellers. Similar to our first example, after years of successfully delivering parts to our client, we encountered an issue when we realized a handful of parts were unbalanced. After the inspection of the machinery, we were able to determine the issue at hand and successfully resolve it. 

Why You Should Choose Test Devices

Partnering with us not only provides you with the benefits of our extensive experience and dedicated team, but you will also be working with a team who keeps quality, safety, and continuous improvement at the forefront of our business. Customers want to work with TD because of our focused approach on the most demanding manufacturing requirements, whether it be spin testing, semi-finish machining, or other critical processes.


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