Success for the HQ-1 Spin Test System

Shops and factories need to regularly test rotors to ensure excellent performance and adherence to design or production requirements. The HQ-1 Spin Tester is a purpose-built bench that incorporates all basic spin testing.

HQ-1 is designed for manufacturing environment, and most suitable for spin testing:

  • High-speed electric motor armatures
  • Small gas turbine disks and bladed disks
  • Turbochargers & turbopump rotors
  • Electronics: Munition fuses and sensors
  • Centrifuge wheels

The HQ-1 Spin Tester is an efficient, cost-effective option for facilities that need in-house, high-quality spin verification.

HQ-1 Spin Test System Overview

Test devices spin rig in facility with computers in foreground

Our HQ-1 Spin Test System offers the following components and capabilities:

  • Compact design: The skid-mounted device can fit in a 10′ x 5′ x 6.5′ envelope for easy transportation and maneuvering.
  • Ease of use: The wheel mounting arbor fits multiple exchangeable adapters so facilities can test a variety of equipment with the same unit.
  • Drive system: The system’s default drive device can run up to 100,000 RPM as a baseline speed. Our team can provide higher speed drive options upon request.
  • Turnkey solutions: The HQ-1 Spin Tester offers plug-and-play installation, easy integration, and ERP and IoT connection capabilities.

The HQ-1’s user control system makes the device easy to operate. The interface is intuitive and has manual, semi-automatic, and automatic settings. Facilities can create pre-programmed spin cycle sequences for routine testing with built-in safety and diagnostics.

The device can be operated with an optional touchscreen interface. This offers menu-style setup, one-push operation, and barcode scanning to activate specific test sequences. Test Devices can also enable spin test systems with upgrades for remote control and monitoring for more customizable usage.


Spin tests generate significant speed and force. To keep workers and adjacent equipment safe, we build our spin test systems to exacting standards. The test chamber of the HQ-1 Spin Tester has a high-strength containment shell made from steel, is fully enclosed and includes a safety door for the operator.

We also outfit the chamber with multiple safety interlocks to protect against malfunction and abnormal machine behavior during operation. The system performs self-diagnostic tests, monitors its operation and keeps an automated log of alarms.

The vibration monitoring system in the drive unit adds another layer of safety against potential and serious hazards in the high speed testing. The system detects abnormalities and interrupt the spin operation  preventing the operators from being exposed to a potentially hazardous rotor behavior. T

Contact Test Devices to Request a Spin Test System Today

Spin testing is a step to evaluate the quality of rotating parts in manufacturing, repair, and operation. The HQ-1 Spin Tester is a purpose-driven tester that includes a fully-sealed testing chamber with a robust containment, a easy to use operator interface, and dependable in-built monitoring and safety features.

Test Devices specializes in creating high-quality testing equipment to keep your facility safe and ensure you deliver high-quality finished products. We’re the leading experts in both spin testing and balancing services, and our company is ISO 9001:2015 and ASD9100D certified. Request a quote here for more information on an HQ-1 Spin Tester for your operation today.

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