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Test Devices provides comprehensive spin testing results and data that engineers and scientists need to refine their assumptions, improve their models and select the best materials; in short, to research and develop the safest, most reliable, best-performing products in the world.

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Spin Rig Testing Nets Results

The 18-lb steel blade of an F-class industrial gas turbine survived a series of resonant spin tests, and that bodes well for the component’s manufacturer, a global energy services company looking to improve engine durability by redesigning the blade.

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A New Spin On Turbine Blade Testing

There are two types of stress happening to a turbine blade: an alternating, or vibration, stress and a centrifugal static stress. As blades rotate, they experience natural resonant frequencies at different rpms. While vibrating, the blade is also under a centrifugal load as if it is being pulled from root to tip. For a complete stress test, all stresses should be tested for simultaneously.

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Real-Time Crack Detection System

The development of jet engines and other high-speed machinery requires extensive testing to establish the integrity and useful life of high-speed rotating components. A fundamental evaluation technique for turbine engine rotors is to empirically test and validate the number of cycles the rotors can withstand, either to a predetermined number or all the way to failure. This type of test is typically referred to as a low-cycle fatigue (LCF) test.

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Advancement in Heated Spin Testing Technologies

An ever more rapidly accelerating trend toward pursuing more efficient gas turbines pushes the engines to hotter and more arduous operating conditions. This trend drives the need for new materials, coatings and associated modeling and testing techniques required to evaluate new component design in high temperature environments and complex stress conditions.

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Researches are developing ways to ensure that power-packed flywheel-battery systems stay safely contained.

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Ensuring Spin Test Safety

Spin testing cautions for dealing with high energy parts.

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The Spin Doctor

Aerospace testing international, November 2005

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Spin Testing Systems

Allow one to understand the stresses and failure modes of high speed devices in a safe environment.

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Anatomy of an Accident


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