Dr. Boris Milatovic

Prior to joining Test Devices in 1993, Milatovic served as Head of Laboratory, Engine and Accessories, at ORAO Aviation Institute in Sarajevo. Milatovic designed jet-engine test facilities and served as a professor at the University of Sarajevo, supervising the research of doctoral and masters’ candidates in electronics measurement and reliability.

Milatovic is currently the Director of Advanced Technology at Test Devices, and is involved in market development for foreign machine sales and testing operations. He is an expert in control, instrumentation and data acquisition as well as in designing and executing complex experiments.

Milatovic is also a co-inventor of vibration-analysis equipment to detect micro-cracks in jet-engine disk assemblies during cyclic fatigue tests. He is the author of five engineering textbooks, 24 journal publications and seven major institute reports. His patents include US 6,098,022 and US 6,456,945 for “Detecting Anomalies in Rotating Components.”