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New ISO Certifications

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At Test Devices by SCHENCK, we have an unparalleled and proven reputation for innovation and safety. We deliver the world’s most accurate and advanced spin testing services and equipment to clients in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, electric motors, medical, and commercial space. To illustrate our commitment to safety and the environment, we’re proud to have acquired our ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications.

ISO 14001:2015: Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001:2015 outlines the requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) that a business can use to improve its environmental performance. More specifically, it requires that you maintain proper documentation that proves your EMS meets the required standards. It outlines clear requirements regarding the type of documentation you must provide but does not dictate how you must record the evidence or how to operate your EMS. 

The primary purpose of the documentation is to ensure an organization maintains robust environmental processes. These documents also illustrate that your entire organization acknowledges and is working towards your environmental objectives and goals. The ISO 14001:2015 certification is essential for organizations seeking to systematically manage their environmental responsibilities and uphold their dedication to sustainability. 

Why is it Important? 

ISO 14001:2015 is important because it helps businesses achieve the intended goals of their EMS, providing value for the organization itself, the environment, and any interested parties. Intended outcomes of an EMS include:

  • Achievement of environmental objectives
  • Fulfillment of compliance obligations
  • Improvement of environmental performance

ISO 45001:2018: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO 45001:2018 highlights the requirements for an organization’s occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system.SCHENCK USA ISO 14001 Certificate By providing direction for the use of OH&S management systems, this standard helps businesses provide a safe and healthy work environment by preventing work-related illness and injury. 

Why is it Important?

The ISO 45001:2018 standard can be used partially or in its entirety to improve OH&S performance. However, an organization will only be able to claim conformity to the standard if every requirement is incorporated into its OH&S management system and is fulfilled. These requirements include:

  • The development of investigation processes
  • Reporting any nonconformities and OH&S incidents to create corrective action plans
  • Documentation of any activities and corrective actions to further improve plan development and ensure effectiveness


Which of Our Services Do These Certifications Affect?

Having these certifications improves our ability to provide safe and environmentally conscious services, including:

Spin Testing Services

At Test Devices by SCHENCK, we offer spin testing services to customers that work with high-speed rotating components found in cutting-edge machines that face challenging conditions. These components are often found in high-speed electric motors, turbomachinery, jet engines, and energy storage systems. We serve a wide range of clients, including the world’s leading OEMs, with innovative solutions that solve challenging issues in manufacturing spin processes and engineering testing. Our spin testing and rotor balancing services support critical engine part certifications, design validations, and manufacturing processes. 

Balancing Services

Unbalanced rotating components can result in catastrophic machine failure as well as harm to personnel and machinery. Accurately balancing a rotor requires a high level of expertise. Not all service providers are the same, and it’s important to work with a balancing provider that is capable of providing the necessary level of consistency and quality. At Test Devices by SCHENCK, we can provide precise balancing surfaces to prevent further issues that could otherwise lead to higher costs.

Green Technology

SCHENCK’s spin testing and balancing services for the green technology industry are part of a worldwide movement to reduce noise and air pollution caused by traditional transportation. The goal is to mitigate and adapt transportation to address climate change. Electric vehicles and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft are just two examples that are gaining ground in their respective industries.

ISO Certified Spin Test Services and Equipment From Test Devices by SCHENCK

Test Devices by SCHENCK offers ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018-certified spin testing services and equipment to clients across several industries. By acquiring these certifications, we further illustrate our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. Whether you require spin testing or balancing, our experts are here to deliver innovative solutions that meet your needs. For more information about our ISO certifications, or to learn more about our service capabilities, request a quote today or contact us at 978-562-6017.