Test Devices Sells Spin Rigs to Meet Customers’ In-House Testing Needs

November 1, 2016


Spin rigs configured by Test Devices are modular products with expandable capabilities known for best-in-class anti-burst safety features. Gas turbine engines are more powerful than ever, spinning faster and generating more energy. As a result, there is an increased industry concern for uncontained failures. Test Devices is the industry leader in designing and performing tests in ways that manage containment issues and risks. While other machines may not be safe, all Test Devices spin rigs are installed in test cells, preventing uncontained bursts and failures. Beyond its own commitment to understanding the industry issue, Test Devices equips customers with the power to understand the dangers of uncontained failures with the goal of implementing preeminent safety practices. Rig safety is an emphasis of Test Devices’ spin rig production.

Test Devices’ equipment is backed by excellent customer support from its expert staff. Test Devices technicians provide set-up for spin rigs on-site for customers. Test Devices also stocks spare parts and performs maintenance to keep customers’ spin rigs performing optimally. Test Devices has the expertise to offer customers production process development and full facility design, test hardware and spin tooling design, as well as test project strategy and planning.

By the end of 2016, Test Devices will have shipped at least three rigs out to customers for the year. A full catalog of available spin rigs and parts is available through the Test Devices sales department.

Production Spin Rig

Test Devices’ automated, user-friendly, high-safety production spin rig is designed based on over 10 years of production spin expertise. Designed for easy loading and unloading, the production spin rig also has automated operator features and an accessible graphical user interface. A proprietary damper and rotor dynamics management system allows for higher imbalance toleration. An energy regeneration system is available with the machine. The production spin rig is compatible with basic condition monitoring systems and dynamic angle spinning.

R&D Spin Rig

Test Devices’ R&D spin rig is a world-class engineering spin test system built on the company’s 40+ years of spin testing expertise. Supported by Test Devices’ expert spin test team, the R&D spin rig can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements. It is a modular expandable system with an array of test condition and instrumentation capabilities. The R&D spin rig is capable of performing burst, low cycle fatigue, heated dwell and complex mission profile tests, high temperature (including thermal gradient) and cryogenic tests, plus more. The rig is capable of operating in vacuum, partial and full atmospheric conditions. It is compatible with advanced condition monitoring system and dynamic angle spinning, including crack detection, high-speed video testing, slip ring, and more.

Dynamic Spin Rig (DSR)

The Dynamic Spin Rig (DSR) is built on Test Devices’ 10+ years of blade dynamic spin testing expertise. The DSR is the most advanced spin test system with patented capabilities. The DSR incorporates all baseline capabilities of the R&D Spin Rig, as well as state-of-the-art Non-Intrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS)/Blade Tip Timing (BTT) and rotating dynamic strain gauge technologies. Atomized liquid jet and air exciter systems are available with the DSR.