Test Devices Selected to Supply Additional Machines to Chinese Institute

October 1, 2012


The LCF spin test machine is designed to provide a robust, safe spin testing environment capable of withstanding extreme energy conditions, including high-energy rotor bursts. The specialty rig will also have a test chamber able to accommodate test parts up to 1,500 mm in diameter and 800 mm tall, with a maximum operating speed of 65,000 rpm. An isothermal induction heating system enables AVIC’s 608 institute to heat test parts to temperatures up to 800° C. The modular design of the spin rig allows future expansion of its capabilities to conduct more advanced forms of tests, such as HCF testing.

“AVIC chose Test Devices because of our two-fold expertise in equipment manufacturing and testing,” Rob Murner, President of Test Devices, said. “If you were to purchase a race car, I think anyone would agree they would be best served by a company that handles both building and driving. It is no different in rotational testing.”

The rig also contains Test Devices’ crack detection system, which can accurately detect the formation of cracks during LCF testing. The crack detection system increases the confidence in running LCF tests 24 hours a day in unattended modes. The system will automatically monitor, warn the operator and suspend testing to avoid unexpected rotor bursts during LCF tests. The equipment will acquire data for real-time analysis and recording and will be able to simultaneously record 32 channels of various data such as speed, temperatures, vibration, and pressure.

The companies are currently negotiating commercial terms for the project.