Test Devices Expands to Meet Growing Production Demand

November 2, 2016

To meet consistently growing production demand, Test Devices has expanded its facility by close to 16,000 square feet. This expansion will support the spatial needs of the new subscale turbine testing program, as well as the building of new machines. Extra space will also allow for reorganization of existing resources, clearing way for increasingly busy process areas necessary to meet the production demand.

Overall, the expansion will facilitate company growth and new opportunities on which Test Devices’ engineering team is working. In addition to increasing the facility’s capacity, Test Devices has welcomed an additional engineer and three new technicians to its team.

Test Devices continually improves its processes to enrich customer experience and augment the conclusions that can be drawn from crucial data collected. This past spring, Test Devices invested in and implemented a new control center for its largest spin rig, used for automated and advanced services including high cycle fatigue (HCF), dynamic spin and low cycle fatigue (LCF) testing. The new control center brings updated instrumentation and a customer command central that enhances the in-house customer experience at Test Devices.

As part of the upgrade, the machines will be able to complete some processes on their own without an attendant present, furthering the automation of Test Devices’ spin testing operation.

To meet their increasing demands, customers can also take advantage of Test Devices’ expanded balance testing capabilities. Test Devices has purchased another balance machine, allowing the company to conduct balance tests with greater volume.