Test Devices Delivers Its Largest Rig to Chinese Institute

October 1, 2012

Test Devices recently completed the design and delivery of the largest rig it has ever built, delivering it to its new owner in China.

Test Devices completed the “extra large” spin test rig for one of the engine development institutes of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) this summer. With a 100″ (2.5 meter) test chamber opening, it is the largest test machine Test Devices has ever built.


The spin test machine has a specially designed lid lift and rotator, allowing easy access to the working side of the massive 2.5 meter lid, which weighs over 7,500 lbs. In addition to the lid, the elevator must lift and rotate the electric motor and gear box, as well as the test equipment that may be tested in the machine.

“This project offered an opportunity to create a standard machine design for a large footprint machine, which we can offer to other customers” said Hiro Endo, Vice President of Engineering. The heavy-duty lid lift, rigid lid design and other components reflect an expansion of the offering and design space for vertical axis spin-testing machines.

“AVIC turned to Test Devices because our advanced equipment and technology is giving them the advantages they need to compete on a global scale,” said Rob Murner, Test Devices President. “Our equipment and experienced personnel provide sophisticated test capabilities that more realistically simulate actual engine conditions, offer greater data integrity and cost less than other traditional testing methods.”