Serving a Growing Electric Car Market

November 2, 2016


“Over the last year and a half, we have received significantly more requests for spin testing and additional vehicle performance testing from automotive manufacturers that are looking to test the structural integrity of their electric motors,” said Test Devices Engineering Manager Nikhil Kaushal, who has a background in vehicle system design optimization and has publications and a patent in this field. “We have also fielded many requests from other industries, including aerospace, for electric motor testing.”

This year, Test Devices has conducted automotive electric motor testing for two major automotive manufacturers. Beyond traditional electric motor testing, the company is in the process of evaluating different opportunities to conduct specialized tests that will offer cutting-edge value to its customers.

As the industry advances, electric vehicle manufacturers are seeking extensive performance efficiency testing for electric motors with greater power and speed. This performance efficiency testing extends beyond traditional spin testing, considering variables such as heat. Data generated in performance efficiency testing will be crucial to auto manufacturers developing the next generation of more powerful electric motors.

Test Devices’ expertise in rotational component testing makes it invaluable to testing electric motors and their corresponding electric or hybrid fuel systems. As manufacturers work to make electric motors more efficient and cost-friendly, it is Test Devices’ goal to provide crucial testing data that will help advance the industry.