Russia, China Buy $17M in Test Equipment

April 1, 2012


“Russian and Chinese institutes are turning to Test Devices because our innovative equipment and technology is giving them the advantages they need to compete on a global scale,” said Rob Murner, president.

The company has sold and delivered two test facilities to the Central Institute for Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Russia. One rig performs low-cycle fatigue testing and the other is a Dynamic Spin® Rig to conduct HCF testing. The equipment can perform a range of tests including production pre-spin, proof testing, overspeed to burst, and complex low-cycle fatigue and high-cycle fatigue testing. CIAM’s Research Test Center is the largest facility in Russia to focus on altitude, speed and full-scale testing of gas turbine engines.

Test Devices has also signed a contract to deliver four test facilities for a Chinese research institute, including one Dynamic Spin® Rig for advanced testing, two for low cycle fatigue testing and one rig for larger rotor containment tests. “The Chinese government is putting billions of dollars into its aviation manufacturing industry and will use the equipment to help develop and deliver commercial technology and equipment to global markets,” Murner said.