New Subscale Turbine Test Rig Facilitates Studies for Next Generation of Jet Engines

November 1, 2016


To build the new rig, Test Devices purchased and modified a model aircraft jet engine. In its early work with the subscale turbine rig, the engineering team has conducted new, exciting research that has already led to a substantial customer contract.

Exhaust gas species and the effect of airborne particles are major concerns in the design of existing and next-generation high-performance engines. Manufacturers are tasked with the daunting challenge of building next-generation engines that are more robust and efficient. These engines must also comply with strict environmental standards requiring reduced CO2 and NOx emissions.

The ongoing pursuit of technical advancement in the aerospace industry combined with the nascent design agenda is driving a need for extensive crucial test data that can be used to validate numerical models, design functionality and engine performance.

More recent industry research suggests that burning blended alternative fuels results in a 50-percent reduction in emissions compared to exclusive burning of traditional jet fuel. While reduced emissions are encouraging, there is more testing to be completed. We must assess the impact of the new fuel on the functionality and durability of engine parts. These alternative fuel claims must be tested vigorously in an expedited and affordable manner before it can be implemented safely in flight operations. Test Devices is now ready to serve those needs.

Test Devices’ engineering team will continue to improve the subscale turbine test capabilities, incorporating modification to the hot section of the subscale turbine, generating hotter operating temperatures into next year with the goal of simulating conditions in full-size engines.

Test Devices will continue to be on the cutting edge of next-generation testing. With its subscale turbine test rig, the company is developing testing capabilities that will benefit manufacturers across the industry. Test Devices’ recent facility expansion has allowed subscale turbine testing to become an integral part of its offerings.

The subscale turbine test rig can be utilized to conduct the following studies:

  • Oxidation/Corrosion Study
  • High-Temperature Creep/Fatigue Study
  • Coating Durability Study
  • Fuel Burn Study
  • Volcanic Ash/CMAS Study
  • Blade HCF Study [test-devices-icon]