Mike Guidotti: Production Supervisor

May 26, 2016

When he must decline a request, Mike offers as much useful information as he can in his response. “As long as I communicate with the client, I can usually find a way to satisfy the needs,” he states.
Mike joined Test Devices in 2007. Previously, he worked at Wyman Gordon for 29 years, spending 10 years as a quality manager. There, he trained in Kaizan and acquired a “black belt” level on Six Sigma. Mike relies on this experience to guide how he interacts with clients. Mike understands the complexities involved for customers in shipping components to Test Devices for testing. The test schedule can easily shift if parts arrive before or after they are expected. For this reason, Mike says the spin pit schedule is never “written in permanent ink” until the test is complete. He pays keen attention to details and focuses on the accuracy of the paperwork for each part. “Quality affects everything,” he believes.
Mike starts his days early and uses the quiet morning hours to manage shipment logistics. He credits much of his success to his colleagues who ship and spin parts. “Our guys have a tremendous work ethic. They are willing to come in early or stay after hours to ensure that shipments get completed on schedule.” A successful day, in his opinion, is a day when everyone keeps busy. With Mike at the helm of the Test Devices’ production schedule, the future looks very successful.