Kaushal to Present at TurboExpo 2015

June 1, 2015


The session, Material and Component Qualification Testing and Life Prediction, focuses on the intricate interrelationship between testing conditions and component durability. The discussion features four presenters and covers scaling effects, coupon level material testing, component level qualification testing, and full-scale engine testing, including the use of the test data from these different tests in damage modeling and life prediction as well as predicting the expected structural performance of components in service.

Kaushal’s paper is titled Spin Rig Testing of Discs and Rotor Assemblies.At Test Devices, Kaushal has led critical certification programs and is involved in new product development and internal process improvement. He has implemented new technology initiatives for high-temperature growth measurement, and has a background in vehicle system design optimization with additional publications and a patent in this field. The session is scheduled for 8 am on Tuesday June 16.