Expertise: Tony Nogueira, Testing Supervisor

October 1, 2012


At the time of Tony’s hiring, the Operations Department consisted of two technicians and a machinist, but it was a time of transition and the expansion from equipment manufacturing to testing services for the company. Tony was initially interested in the diversity of activities as well as the learning atmosphere. Happily, this is still true today.

Tony’s many skills have made a large contribution to the company’s growth and success over the last 19 years. His promotion to Supervisor was well earned and part of a focused expansion plan, which began in 2006 with the move from the “farmhouse” building in the center of Hudson to the current 25,000 square-foot facility. The building now houses five test cells, a fleet of balance machines, a machine shop, and two-shift operation.

Tony is well-known and well-liked by testing customers for his calm demeanor. He is a natural problem solver and has been a critical part of Test Devices’ efforts to validate new test equipment and test methods. He is dedicated to carrying out tasks thoroughly, which is a critical trait for complex rotational testing. Customers certainly know Tony for his willingness to “get the job done.” This can mean working on the weekend, during vacation or for long hours. His areas of expertise are air turbine assembly and operation, general troubleshooting and managing or performing complex tests such as blade excitation and HCF.

Tony resides in Hudson, MA with his wife and enjoys football, playing golf and family activities.