Expertise: Hiro Endo, Vice President of Engineering, Test Devices

April 1, 2012


He began at the company as a senior engineer and was promoted to chief engineer before serving in his current role as VP of Engineering. Throughout his career, he has developed and enhanced a wide array of new and existing testing technologies. He has published several papers and studies in industry journals and has made many presentations to international gatherings of design engineers.

The number and types of spin tests Dr. Endo has completed can be attributed to his specialized expertise, skills, knowledge, and commitment to the spin testing industry. “My responsibility as a citizen of this testing community and my contribution is that I help make gas turbines safer and more reliable. We provide data that helps engineers to improve and push the technology forward,” Endo said.

Dr. Endo is leading a project to develop new ways to test components of future gas turbine engines. Test Devices is developing equipment and methodologies to help evaluate the performance of components in an environment beyond 1400F for heated test applications The data from Test Devices tests help engineers and scientists to understand and validate the durability and integrity of critical engine components. The test data can also help engineers refine their understanding of the engine component design.