Expertise: Bob Wetherbee, Vice President of Test Engineering

October 1, 2013

Bob has demonstrated expertise in all aspects of spin testing, including tooling design, analysis, static hardware design (environmental chambers and excitation hardware for blade resonance testing), and the development of new testing methods and required hardware. Bob’s expertise and attention to detail are evident in the successful execution of complex tests, especially rotating blade excitation (HCF) in Test Devices’ unique Dynamic Spin® Rig (DSR). Customers appreciate his calm demeanor and focused problem solving approach.

His interest and expertise in test execution made him a natural to lead the Test Engineering team, which Test Devices established as a dedicated organization in late 2013. “I’m excited about the opportunity to foster this group. Test Devices’ goal is to create a world-class testing operation that is an industry best,” he said.

Bob resides outside Boston with his wife and two teenage children. He is an avid sports fan and participates often in his children’s various activities.