Chinese Institute Purchases Two Advanced Spin Rigs

June 1, 2015


Test Devices was recently named as the supplier to China’s Aviation Industry Corporation’s (AVIC) research institute 624 for advanced spin rigs. The company will supply a Dynamic Spin Rig (DSR) and an LCF Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) rig to AVIC 624.

This contract continues an uptick in test equipment contracts awarded to Test Devices in recent years. “Chinese Institutes are turning to Test Devices because our innovative equipment and technology gives them the advantages they need to compete on a global scale,” Boris Milatovic, Test Devices’ Director of Advanced Technology Programs, said. “Our equipment and experienced personnel provide advanced test capabilities that more realistically simulate actual engine conditions, offer greater data integrity and cost less than other traditional testing methods.”

Both spin test machines are designed to provide robust, safe spin testing environments capable of withstanding extreme energy conditions, including high-energy rotor bursts. The DSR includes a 1,300 mm test chamber (1,200 mm tall), with a maximum operating speed of 24,000 rpm. The DSR machine includes the capability to better simulate actual engine operating conditions in a controlled test environment. Furthermore, it provides the ability to apply a precise heat gradient, modal vibration and centrifugal stress concurrently to simulate the harsh operating environment of gas turbine engines. The DSR also includes a non-intrusive strain measurement system (NSMS), telemetry, elevated temperature capability up to 800° C, and liquid jet and aero-pulse generator excitation systems.

The LCF machine has a 1,500 mm test chamber (1,170 mm tall), with a maximum operating speed of 25,000 rpm and the ability to withstand test temperatures up to 800° C.