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Unparalleled Value: Benefits of Our Rough & Semi-Finish Rotating Disk Machining Services

The following eBook outlines the qualities that make us an unparalleled industry leader in rough and semi-finish machining of rotating parts, including…

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Unparalleled Value: Competitive Advantages of Working with Test Devices Inc.

At Test Devices, Inc., we’re able to combine our formidable resources with comprehensive customer service to engineer the solutions you need. In this eBook, we will provide an overview of our services, which include…

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An Introduction to Dynamic Spin Testing

Dynamic Spin Rigs (DSR) include patented technology that Test Devices has been pioneering since 2004. A DSR is a spin test system that can excite blades under centrifugal loading. Our resource breaks down everything you need to know about Dynamic Spin Rig (DSR) as well as key ingredients for successful dynamic spin testing.

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On Track for Growth: Why Spin Testing Matters for eDrive Systems

As the race for improved electric drives for electric vehicles, drones, and hybrid drive/ propulsion systems accelerates, the need to design rotors that exhibit the structural integrity, proper balance, and durability to tolerate high-performance applications is becoming crucial to the advancement of eDrive technologies.

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The Importance of Subscale Jet Engine Testing

Subscale jet engine testing provides a solution to the time, monetary, and capability limitations engineers face during their engine R&D phase.

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Test Devices Balancing Ebook 3d Cover

Balancing 101: What You Should Know About Balancing Your Rotating Part

Avoid taking unnecessary risks when balancing your rotating components. This everything-you-need-to-know guide walks through what you need to know about balancing your parts.

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Spin Testing for Manufacturing (ebook)

Test Devices’ comprehensive ebook breaks down all important factors that need to be considered when preparing to spin test rotating components.

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Modular Test Services

At its core, Test Devices is an engineering company. The testing programs we perform for our customers, although diverse in nature, tend to follow a common engineering problem-solving process comprised of several distinct phases.

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Crack Detection Services / Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Testing

Test Devices’ patented Crack Detection System is a Real Time Rotor Health Monitoring System for Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) testing.

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Test Devices provides rotational and other testing services and equipment to demanding markets with exacting applications and requirements.

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