On Track for Growth: Why Spin Testing Matters for eDrive Systems

As the race for improved electric drives for electric vehicles, drones, and hybrid drive/ propulsion systems accelerates, the need to design rotors that exhibit the structural integrity, proper balance, and durability to tolerate high-performance applications is becoming crucial to the advancement of eDrive technologies.

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The Importance of Subscale Jet Engine Testing

Subscale jet engine testing provides a solution to the time, monetary, and capability limitations engineers face during their engine R&D phase.

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Test Devices Balancing Ebook 3d Cover

Balancing 101: What You Should Know About Balancing Your Rotating Part

Avoid taking unnecessary risks when balancing your rotating components. This everything-you-need-to-know guide walks through what you need to know about balancing your parts.

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Spin Testing for Manufacturing (ebook)

Test Devices’ comprehensive ebook breaks down all important factors that need to be considered when preparing to spin test rotating components.

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Modular Test Services

At its core, Test Devices is an engineering company. The testing programs we perform for our customers, although diverse in nature, tend to follow a common engineering problem-solving process comprised of several distinct phases.

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Crack Detection Services / Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) Testing

Test Devices’ patented Crack Detection System is a Real Time Rotor Health Monitoring System for Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) testing.

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Test Devices provides rotational and other testing services and equipment to demanding markets with exacting applications and requirements.

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