Innovation in the Spin Testing Industry

The Test Devices team understands the importance of innovation in the realm of spin testing and balancing parts. As the industry pushes rotating components harder and faster in a quest for greater efficiency, manufacturers are pushed to find new solutions that will withstand these increasingly complex requirements.

Test Devices is in the business of creating new and innovative tests to make sure that your rotating parts can keep up.

Crack Detection Services

Our patented Crack Detection system will detect the initiation of cracks, and monitor both tooling and component flaws during your Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) tests with 80- 90% accuracy. This method does what simple vibration monitorings simply cannot do.

Test Devices’ Real Time Health Monitoring System will constantly monitor the distinct amplitude and phase changes of your rotating component, which cannot be caught with traditional vibration monitoring.

Our Crack Detection Services, will not only reduce the time and cost of your Low Cycle Fatigue tests, but can mitigate risk for your company by preventing component failure. Stop your fatigue tests prior to burst and avoid damage to both your component and spin rig. Click here to learn more >

Optical Strain Measurement

Never settle for point-based strain measurement on your rotating components again. Test Devices has created a measurement technique that allows you to capture strain data on your full component during spin testing.

While traditional strain measurement techniques can only collect data on a few select locations, our Optical Strain Measurement will simultaneously capture data points from thousands of locations on your rotating component. Let our Optical Strain Measurement reduce your costs and overall risk. Click here to learn more >

Dynamic Spin® Testing

While traditional spin testing methods only evaluate rotors, our patented Dynamic Spin process has the ability to evaluate the performance of turbine engine blades and damper performance.

Dynamic Spin Testing creates resonant vibrations and accurately measures fatigue life within realistic operating conditions, while still being cost-effective and risk-averse for your rotating components. Click here to learn more >