Test Devices Expands Electric Drive Offering

June 1, 2014


Both options are available with new Spin Test Machine purchases. The 260 kW model is currently available for in-house testing. The 65,000 RPM model will be integrated into the test facility shortly.

The team responsible for the six-month project developed the complete system comprising the motor, drive, gear box, thrust stack, and interface to the Test Devices’ vertical spin testing machine. The new drive system includes an off-set gearbox, which allows the use of through-spindle instrumentation, such as a slip ring without EMF/EMI interference concerns. It also retains the oil-film damper and flexible spindle of Test Devices’ air turbines, enabling robust operating profile that is tolerant to considerable unbalance levels during operation.

The new drive provides faster LCF cycle times and up to four times the energy efficiency of traditional (air) driven turbines. The electric drives are not only a “greener” option, but also offer our customers the benefit of expedited LCF testing schedules. “This drive is a great compliment to our high powered 260 kW drive for larger high inertia parts. The 65,000 RPM speed range meets the needs of smaller engines and other high-speed applications,” said Test Devices President Rob Murner.