New Crack Detection Lease and Rental Program

May 26, 2016

Real-Time Crack Detection

“Real-Time Crack Detection System”

Recently, Test Devices developed a lease and rental program for our RT-CDS, giving customers who perform their own testing the ability to add crack detection to their in-house programs. With this program, customers benefit from Test Devices’ expertise while maximizing their ability to control the timing, frequency and duration of their testing initiatives.

Whether the crack detection testing occurs in our facility or at a customer’s location, engineers prefer Test Devices equipment. Our crack detection modules represent years of experience combined with a proprietary algorithm to monitor distinct changes in spindle vibration. These subtle variations can signal the emergency of incipient faults (cracks) in rotors. The RT-CDS halts spin tests as cracks form and prevents rotors from failing. Using RT-CDS, our clients can examine the intact rotors and study any circumstances that lead to cracks. They don’t waste valuable time and money trying to piece together fragments of burst rotors and attempting to salvage test results from imprecise data. Preventing disk failure reduces the risk of physical injury to personnel as well.

Companies renting or leasing Test Devices’ RT-CDS receive an advanced crack detection module retrofit, including crack detection alarms and shut-down signals. Test Devices can provide a touchscreen display with live visuals of test rotor speed along with raw vibration level, phase and cycle counts. We provide all needed training and support, as well as a free annual calibration service. Customers needing assistance with interpreting test data or requiring engineering assistance on specific tests can request the optional expert support service package (especially valuable to first-time users) via a remote data link with Test Devices’ personnel. For more information about the rental and lease program, contact David Woodford Executive Vice President, or 978-562-4923.