Company Doubles HCF Testing Capabilities

April 1, 2012


Until now, Dynamic Spin® Rig testing had been done using the company’s 54” spin rig. By adding Dynamic Spin® testing capability to an existing 42” spin rig, the company can accommodate more customers with HCF needs such as evaluating new blade designs, materials and coatings.

“The industry trend toward fuel efficiency is driving the need for high performance engines that burn hotter and work harder. It is critical for OEMs to be able to test and evaluate their new materials and new designs of hotter engine components in realistic test environments,” said Dr. Hiro Endo, VP of Engineering.

Test Devices is the only private test laboratory that can conduct Dynamic Spin® testing. “Coatings and materials in development for use in the next generation of high-efficiency gas turbine engines will require more testing. Dynamic Spin® testing offers a unique way for developers to validate their models and part performance,” stated Endo.