High-Speed Burst Testing Video

The Issue

Standard spin pit burst testing is done to establish the speed at which the rotating assembly fails due to centrifugal stress. Customers need this failure speed to determine the safety margin during normal operation. While a standard burst test only provides the failure speed, High-Speed Burst Testing Video provides visual documentation that helps customers determine the cause of the burst.

Why it Matters

High-Speed Video of a burst test provides substantial value for an incremental cost. Seeing where a fracture initiates, how it propagates and the size of the resulting burst fragments often provides significant information for the component designer. High-Speed Video also aids in the understanding and design of burst containment systems.

What You Can Do

Test Devices can provide a High-Speed Video recording of the failure event during a burst test.

These videos provide additional data that is critically important to designers in determining what failed first in the rotating assembly. Often, during the first slow motion playback of the burst event, customers are able to determine if the rim or bore section of the test rotor triggered the burst event.

Test Devices employs cutting-edge High-Speed Video technology to provide exceptional image clarity. The system records the trigger event as well as the deformation history leading to the event. Test Devices’ High-Speed Video benefits the failure analysis process that follows a burst test. Engineers are able to quickly focus on the critical pieces of the burst fragments to direct their examination.




Painting Scheme Option

As part of the High-Speed Video process, Test Devices offers an optional painting scheme which can accentuate the clarity of the video. The pattern painted on the disk surface provides reference points, which are visible on the video, benefiting the post-test analysis process. It is particularly useful, as in a jigsaw puzzle, for reassembling the burst fragments to highlight the crack paths that formed during the burst event.



Thermal Testing Option

The High-Speed Video option is also available for high temperature testing. It is necessary to filter out the color that results from the elevated temperature, but good results are still possible.