Eric Sonnichsen’s Message from the Chairman

May 26, 2016

Innovation and invention are an integral part of what we deliver, difficult problems are the most fun, but even more important is that on-time performance and excellent customer service are a critical part of our credo. Our customer colleagues need for us to be dependable and easy to work with. Customers are always welcomed when they spend time with us in the planning and execution of our work.
During the past year, Test Devices has focused on listening more to customers and evolving our process and practice to match their needs and prepare for future needs as they work to improve efficiency, reliability and safety of their products.
Our mission is, quite simply “to be helpful”.
Since resuming a more active role in January of 2015, I have been more impressed than ever by the enthusiasm, dedication and energy I find in everyone in the company. I find it’s easy to lead people who don’t really need much leading.
In support of our customers’ evolving requirements:

  • We have developed some new services including the application of optical strain measurement for non-contact image of the full strain field of high-speed components such as compressor and turbine rotors.
  • We installed and commissioned a new control center for our largest capacity spin rig, which replaced a conventional (albeit venerable!) control cabinet. The new control center for that facility provides large screen viewing of critical data and multiple individual displays to accommodate individual monitoring during complex tests.
  • We are working on advancing the state of the art in very high-temperature testing, required by customer development of advanced materials including, for example, ceramic composites. This government-funded development program will make it possible to perform tests at temperatures and gaseous environments more nearly duplicating engine conditions than ever before possible.
  • Test Devices’ new digital platform crack detection equipment lease/rental program provides customers who have their own standard spin testing facilities the opportunity to employ crack detection in their own facilities, via rental or lease of Test Devices’ crack detection equipment for use at their sites.
  • Enhanced management systems for planning and performing tests, recognize the needs of our customer partners to meet the demanding schedules of their internal programs. Our five test cells make us able to say “yes, we can do that” when people have a special need for short turn-around.
  • We are dedicated to excellence in providing our customers with accurate information and data to support their programs. We are in the business of being helpful, and we accomplish that through technology and dependable performance.
  • We welcome your comments and will appreciate hearing from you whenever you have a suggestion, complaint or idea for ways we can be more helpful.

H. Eric Sonnichsen, Chairman and Owner